Dulwich 10K 13th September

I'm very excited and terrified about my first race. Is anyone else going? In that case are you a slow runner like me and do you fancy coming last together??



  • I won't be there, but good luck to you anyway.
  • Youll be fine
    Just enjoy
  • Good luck Catrine! I did my first 10K a couple of weeks ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. I just remembered not to start off too fast (yeah...as if..!).. but it was a really good experience and I was pleased with my time of 54.40. I'm doing another 10K this Sunday (Southend, Essex 10K) and I'm hoping to beat my time! Hope you enjoy the race and let us know how you get on.
    Michelle x
  • Have agreat race - you'll want to do more and more and more and more and more.... promise
  • Hello Catrine - I'm running this one as it's only a 15 minute bus ride to the start for me? I'll be trying to get below 48 min for the upteenth time of asking. Best of luck - enjoy it, it'll be the first of many, I'm sure! Lee.
  • GavoGavo ✭✭✭
    I'm running this race but won't be going for any PBs. I know that it's a club race for a few teams so there should be a diverse range of runners there. No idea what the course is like but SE London is not that hilly in that part. For your 1st race, Catrine, set yourself an easy target. For my 1st 10k last year, I just wanted to get under 1 hour so anything beyond that was a bonus. After all, it's a guaranteed PB for you.
  • Catrine

    Congratulations on entering. Gavo's advice is spot on take it easy, enjoy yourself (there will be some tough moments but they do pass - trust me). When you finish in your new Personal Best try to remember the buzz you get - it will carry you through future training sessions.

    Most importantly don't forget to treat yourself afterwards for your fantastic achievement - you'll deserve it.

    Have a great time & let us all know how you do.
  • Thank you everyone for your encouragements.
    I will take it steady, I'm more concerned about getting round in one piece at the moment.
    I will let you know how I get on.
    Good luck on Sunday Michelle.

  • I'll be doing this race as I belong to the club who's organising it (Dulwich Runners). It isn't hilly although there is an incline up one side of the lap (but of course what goes up must come down, so no problem.) When you get the course map, you might like to know that "Court Lane" is a slight downhill all the way but that the section of Lordship Lane which you run along to reach it it a slight incline (God I hope I have remembered the route correctly!) Anyway it's a very friendly race, starting and finishing in lovely little Dulwich park. I heard yesterday that we have about 550 entrees so far. Dulwich Village and surrounding areas have some nice pubs and cafes for your celebratory drinks and food too!!

    Good luck all and enjoy it...maybe see you at the club sometime :-)
  • Oh Catrine, I should have said, don't be "terrified" at all, you'll have a great time. And about coming in "last" - I have roped in all my housemates to do it and two of them hadn't run since school until a few weeks ago - so I am sure you'll be in front of them! (No offence girls if you read this - oops!)
  • I think I might be doing this one too, as I ran my first 10k (Nike) a couple of weeks ago and got collared by someone handing out entry forms. Am hoping to beat my time of 51.04 and not throw up at the end this time!
    Sure it will be the first of many - very addictive...
  • Thank you Nicola! Always helpful with some inside info...
    I will probably wake my family (hubby and 2 girls) at the crack of dawn and drag them along. I live in Croydon, so it's not so far away.
    I'm so glad you told me there are that many runners, as my number is 50 something and I could just see everyone packing up and going home as I crawl my way past the finishing line!

    Thank you
  • ...and in my exitement I have put the wrong date on the thread...
  • So, Catrine, how did you get on? Did you have a good time? Hope everyone running this enjoyed themselves and got the time they wanted.

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