Calling for help from any other sports therapists/physios/runners etc

I'm pissed off.

I don't know what to do anymore. My peroneal nerve is compressed and its causing me severe dorsal foot pain. Thats the only symptom I get but when it happens, it stays and I can't even walk.

I've managed to manipulate my tibialis anterior/peroneus muscles so that the pain stays away for a while (I've got up to 8 miles until it starts going again) but recently, I get the ache after 1.5 miles.

What can I do? The main areas I've worked have been lateral side of my lower leg, just below knee, and just above ankle.

Do I have to call it a day for now? I don't really like to do that. I'm all anti-stop running. I believe everything can be fixed and I can't really see how resting as such would help in the long term, because once I start running again, I'm just going to see this happen again. If the muscle/muscles are tight somehow then surely any NMT's would be more effective than just a prolonged resting period?

Any OTHER ideas?


  • what is compressing it..?  I would look for a source of the injury rather than a solution otherwise, as you say, it's going to keep coming back.

  • Yeah thats the thing. I'm not 100% sure what the root cause is. I can tell when I work on it myself where its compressing and I can manipulate it enough to stay away for a little while but it comes back after few days.

  • loves getting compressed around the head of your fibula (outside of your leg below the knee) due to a "postural fault" (meh!) with your ankle - tying sock garters too tight can compress it too or letting your knee roll out and rest your car door when driving etc etc

    I think I go further north and have a good mooch around your back, which can be totally painfree and full of movement.

    A pure compression is pretty rare...

  • I'd probably go with the postural fault... I don't drive (I do, but not for few years as I haven't got a car)

    Got a really bad anterior tilt on my pelvis which has been known to cause me problems in the past.

    Right. I need to find someone who can give me a proper postural check and tell-off. It's pretty hard to analyse it all myself.

  • Thank you for the replies so far image

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