Newbie marathon training .

In need of advice please! I've just signed up for the Paris marathon, 20 weeks today. I have done a marathon before - in 2002, then took a decade off!! I've been working on my running and general fitness for the last six months, and can now run a 10k in 60 mins. So that's where I am now. Here are my questions: 1. I've chosen my plan, which is based on the Matt Roberts one, and includes 4 runs a week - one interval, one tempo-ish, one steady and one increasingly long. Would it be very detrimental if I did one run a week on the treadmill? Presumably the steady run would be best? 2. His programme is 16 weeks and I have 20. One of my friends said I should repeat a few of the early weeks to build a better base, but I think I should pocket them in case of illness / injury, and if I still have them left at the end chuck in a few more weeks of heavier mileage. She says this increases my risk of injury & fatigue. Who is right or is there a third (better) way? 3. I did my marathon a decade ago in 4.30. I ran 5 times a week but no intervals or strength. I'm starting from a similar fitness base and with a similar amount of time before the big day,but I'm 38 instead of 27 and running one less day a week although the runs will be better quality. Any chance I could do a similar time or is that unrealistic? Thanks!


  • There's no reason why, at 38, if you put in the training, that you couldn't run a 4:30 marathon.

    Why do you want to do one run a week on the treadmill? Can you not think of a way to do all your runs on the road. Although I doubt that it would really have an adverse effect on your training or running performance.

    If you have weeks in hand, build on a stronger base. This will help to make you injury resistant. The easiest way to get injured is by doing too much too soon. Also by extending the period of your marathon training you may just feel fedup with the whole thing come race day.

    I would get in some easy miles, whatever your current weekly mileage is I would do that, maybe with some fun off road routes or hills or something that you enjoy.

  • Thanks for advice, much appreciated!

    Treadmill run is because I'm a single parent, so easier to have one run where I don't have to worry about child care! Would much rather run outside, but that's life!
  • Hi holeymoley,

    I wouldn't worry too much about one of your runs being on the treadmill. I'd agree with t mouse - you should be able to achieve a 4.30 marathon time.

    Whilst I appreciate you have chosen the matt roberts training plan - have you considered the FIRST training plan - it's based on only 3 runs per week, but each one is a quality and demanding session.

    Best of luck!
  • Off to have a look, thanks Rob
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