Scuba Diving During Marathon Training


I have completely messed up and booked a week's scuba diving holiday 3 weeks before my marathon date image

I know i will be tappering my by milage then but would still want to get some treadmill runs in during the week. I was thinking of aiming for three runs during the week, and think perhaps early morning before the days diving would be best. I am also thinking that I should dive with Nitrox all week to keep my nitrogen levels down.  

Does anyone have any experience of diving and running ? Any advice would be greatfully received. Thank you 



  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Stick to a depth of 12 feet or less.

    Depth and death are linked in this diving game.

  • I think this is the best thread title I have ever seen on here

  • I wouldn't imagine diving that far out from race day would make much difference to be honest - 3 weeks would be long enough for any affects to wear off. If you're concerned and if your diving with a computer, just err on the side of caution on allowed combined dive times and depths.

    And a few runs on the beach should be a nice change!


  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    Ideal training to beat this guys record. image

  • lol, don't think i willl wear the suit Keir!

    Thanks for your thoughts Rafiki, I will be diving with a computer so will be extra careful, plus runs on the beach do indeed sound inviting ! 


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