Running and Training in November Cold - Advice Needed!


So i decided to go out for a run today. I had been gyming and running on treadmills for years. Last summer i did my first 10k, and for training i ran outdoors quite comfortably in just my usual gym kit. This was the summer though, as wet as it was! I'm still very much a beginner and need some advice particularly with regards to proper clothing and running gear.

As you guys may know, an hour ago it was getting dark, and temperature judging by current weather report is probably 6 to 8 degrees centigrade. I thought i'd give it a go in my usual gym kit, just gyming shorts and skin-tight t-shirt. Aside from probably seeming a bit weird (or was it just me?), I found it quite difficult and only ran half of what i intended, about 2k. I was sweating after so i clearly did warm-up but the cold just made it more difficult, beathing etc.

So what are you guys doing for current conditions? Track or shell suits or skin-tight running gear? Would you guys run in just shorts and t-shirt and just tried to warm-up?

Sorry for the long post as it's my first. Any advise would be appreciated.






  • I live in Switzerland and it can get nippy here... if you're talking 6-8°C then I normally go for my long (not winter thick) tights running trousers. On top I wear a thin long sleeve thermal top with neck, a running tshirt over the top of that plus a wind resistant running jacket. Hat on top. Plus a reflective band on a leg or two and a head torch (I'm out in the sticks).

    You'd never get me out in shorts at those temps. I can't run like that. But I do know there are quite a few "shorts-only" people running on this forum. If you're run was crap, try dressing up more till you've found what works for you. I hate getting cold, but enjoy a warm sweat.

  • at about 8 degrees I would probably wear shorts and a long sleeved running top. Or if it was feeling chillier I might wear running tights instead of shorts. 2k probably isn't far enough to get warmed up. If it goes below freezing I would wear running tights and probably a double layer on top - I have a helly hansen base layer and then a long sleeved top on top of that. If your hands get cold wear gloves. I don't bother with a hat because my hair doesn't fit under my hat very well, but I have northface fleecey eargear (like a headband, covers the ears) which stops my ears from getting cold.

  • Hat, gloves and reflective long sleeve windproof hi-viz jacket.

    Shorts and t-shirt.

    The hat will keep most of your heat in.
  • Around 6-8 degrees....shorts and t shirt. It was 1 degree when i ran earlier and i was still in shorts but added a long sleeve baselayer under my t shirt. Merino wool socks are a godsend in winter!

    The hat keeping most of your heat in is a myth (sorry TimR)

  • Around 6-8 pffftt shorts and t-shirt all the way for me

    Sounds to me as like you just wasn't prepared for it and haven't warmed up.

    I've ran in around 3-4 degrees in the pouring rain and still managed a good session and its even more fun.

    I always find a hat over heats me and irritates me head
  • Hi darthuser,

    You should try running tights- ron hill do some decent ones. I would recommend buying a compression top to use as a base layer- it really will help.

    I ran today in 5 degrees with a compression top t-shirt and running tights and was perfectly fine.

    Good luck with your cold weather running!
  • Everyone is different. You need to find what's right for you.

    If you found it too hard I think it's the pace you were doing.
  • I think people react differently to the cold and you just have to find your own level.

    Think layers, not temperature, and buy stuff you can carry if you start to warm up.
    Buffs are a good alternative to a hat, you can wear it several ways or wrap it round your wrist. 
    I have a gel belt with a little pouch that I don't notice when I'm running, I take it with me (no gels) because I can tuck my gloves into the waistband if I dont need them and a light ron hill jacket over a loose fitting long sleeve top that will just tie round my waist.

    Ron Hill tracksters, never get too hot in them, even in spring.

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