Training basics for improving 10k time

Hi all.

I have been running on my own on weekends after work, at an average of about once a week, for about two years now - it's not been a very consistent pattern, some weeks I've gone out three or four times, some months none. I've just started running with others - I've run two Parkruns and did a 10k in Battersea Park last week.

For the 10k, I'd not run at all in the three weeks previously, and finished in 38:37.

In terms of training, all I have every really done is go out for anywhere between 5k and 20k and just run at the fastest pace I could sustain. I understand this Forrest Gump style approach is probably a pretty poor plan, so I was wondering if there were any thoughts on what sort of training I should try to move towards, perhaps assuming I have time to run two or three times a week.

I'd like to knock a couple of minutes off the 10k time, eventually. I've looked at various training plans - not quite sure what to go for, as I'm not an absolute beginner in that I've been running on and off for a couple of years, but at the same time I have not done any speed work over short distances at all, nor any hill work for example. Any advice would be much appreciated.







  • Hi Andy,

    Seems like you have got a really good level of fitness, in order to knock out a 38min 10k.

    You will benefit if you put together a specific training plan, with a target time in mind. There are a couple of places you could look - runners world smart coach or have a look at the FIRST training plans.

    Good luck!
  • Hi Rob - thanks for the response, I will take a look. In terms of a target time, I don't have any real idea of what sort of improvements I should be looking for. I guess 35 mins is pretty ambitious, but it's a nice round number so I'll maybe start aiming at that and see how much closer I can get in the next couple of attempts. Running with others definitely helped, in terms of maintaining a pace and not subconsciously slacking off halfway through.

    Advice much appreciated.


  • Andy, if you can run 38 mins off little or no training, 35 mins is a very realistic target.

    Do you live in/near Battersea? If so, my advice would be join the Clapham Chasers if you're not already affiliated with a club. You've already alluded that running with others helps plus, CC run 2 speed sessions a week (Tues on Battersea track, Thurs intervals in Battersea park). Its these sessions that'll make all the difference. With some structured training and coaching advice from CC, that 35min 10k is yours for the taking.
  • Hi John - I do actually live in Battersea, near the park, so that sounds ideal. It'd be really interesting to get some insights into how to approach these things. Thanks for the tip!


  • yes, join a club...the Serpentine Running Club is another option (Hyde-Park based, but sessions all over London, including Battersea Track on Thursday). if you can run that fast without proper training, we'd love to have you!

  • Just to add, I'm not associated with CC and Baldbloke is right, the Serps and other London based running clubs with weekly speed sessions are available image

  • Thanks guys - I'll take a look at the two online, both sound very handy.



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