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DazDaz ✭✭✭
Looking for a triathlon next year that fits the following criteria. Can anyone recommend anything?

- Sprint distance
- Pool-based swim
- Central or North England
- Early season (preferable for continuity)
- Well organised
- Havn't released their entry form yet (this rules out some of the biggies)

Basically trying to find an event for the civil service champs. The inaugural was at east grinstead this year (may) but to be fair to those who live further north, we have to consider other possibilities.

So far we just have:

Stratford Tri (beg June)
Hereford Tri (Jul - not best time!)
South Shropshire Tri (very late in season)

Anyone done Stratford and/or Hereford?

Cheers for any help :O)
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  • Why?
  • i'm nosey you know
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    so we can incorporate the civil service tri champs into we did at east grinstead. we're looking for an event midlands or north so that northeners dont have to travel so far, like they did this year. after venue ideas.

    think ive just repeated my last thread!
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  • Weardale Triathlon is early June 750/20/5
  • DazDaz ✭✭✭
    noted, nice one!
    i see thats in newcastle and tri-uk has it listed as pool-based. 750m sounds bit long for a sprint swim...
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  • Isn't it "technically" the official sprint swim distance (albeit for o/w)?
  • Daz,
    Try derby (etwall-etwell?) I think... but can't remember when it is.. or the mansfield-southwell ones... they are pretty well organised.. did them not this year but last...
  • It is pool based (an out door pool) its a very scenic race - a realy nice area

    Not realy newcastle
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