Why did you start running...?

What motivated you to go out for your first run?   What do you know now, that you wish you had known in those first few weeks?   What mistakes did you make..?



  • Motivation?  Waistline.image  There's just a bit of excess that has to go, but regardless of how little it is, it's hiding my six-pack. image

    Mistakes?    Going out there in ordinary trainers before I knew better - big mistake.image

    What do I know now?  Running is a great stress-buster. image

  • My wife and I car share, so it was either my bike or my legs to get to work some days! I like to balance the two with a few car days of my own. I also set myself a goal to complete a HM.

    Mistake? Starting my run too quickly!

    What I know now? someone I can't,recall got it spot on when they said: it doesn't get any easier, just faster! Also, that races bring out the best in my running! Oh and plasters on nipples for long runs are essential!
  • I guess mine was giving up smoking and regretting not doing it sooner.

    Mistakes? Not stretching before hand and wrong trainers= shin splints. Ouch!!

    What's happening now- constant improvements, being fitter than ever before and the best feeling of all, lacing up and going for a run image
  • Reason for running - changed jobs in 1995 and started working shifts so could not play Badminton as I had done with a 9 x 5 Monday to Friday job. All you need is your running kit wherever you are in the world and you can run, don' t need to book a court, arrange transport, etc.

  • Ovett's wish to destroy Coe
  • Errrr. what I mean was that Coe vs Ovett inspired me
  • Am with you on that one Sussex Runner -  Ovett was such an inspirational character - although it did take me 6 pints of Abbott Ale to make a drunken boast!!!! - that was 30 years ago next year and never looked back (except stopping for a few years from 2000 and 2010)

  • I wonder whether the weight loss aim is more of a motivator than the fitness aim..?


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