New back door

Hi folks,

Does £450 sound reasonable for supplying & fitting a upvc back door (and removing the old wooden one)



  • How many quotes have you had? I would suggest a minimum of three for comparative purposes
  • Yeah it's not bad, I've paid similar

  • 2 quotes, the other £500 from the firm who fitted my existing double glazing. I'm already having some building work done & the £450 is my builder. 

    Thanks for your advice image


  • depends on the door, if its a security door thats cheap.

  • Not sure about security. Cant be any more insecure than current door!  Presume 3 or 5 point multilock (not sure of correct terminology!)  Need to check with builder image

  • For a single door that sounds about right.  A double door will be closer to £800

  • Pay extra and get an Endurance door fiited. These are solid composite doors with a PVC coating. Well worth the extra cost just for security alone.

    PVC doors with panels are very poor for security, the panel can be kicked out which is not good for a rear door.   

  • thanks for advice autumn 66

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