St Neots riverside half marathon

so my first 1/2.

i got a place off Houdini, who couldn't run. on the basis of training runs, i was aiming for anything under 2 hours and getting as close to 1:50 as i could. in the end i cracked on and came home in 1:45.53. so i was well chuffed.

it was a fab race. really pretty countryside, well marshalled, lots of water points with bottles rather than just paper cups. and the weather was absolutely stunnning.

well recommended and i'll definitely be doing it again next year.


  • Well done on your time Sofaboy. That's a heck of a lot faster then my first half marathon.

    Did you record your own time whilst running, or is that the official time?

    Reason being that official results for race time seem to be between 5 and 10 seconds slower that actual time recorded by people. Myself - started watch just before crossed start line and stopped just after actual finish line. Therefore should be 1 sec or so slower than official time (I was at the front, so chip time for me is race time). However, official results are 6 seconds slower than my own time.

    Makes no sense, other than if they had to estimate my finish time as the chip failed.

    Results also have me closer to the guy behind me than the one in front, but in reality this is the opposite to how it was - I was close behind the chap in front and out of sight of the guy behind.

    Likewise, the top five runners came home in under 1:15 according to the race clock. Official results don't reflect this.

    Think the chip system may have recorded slightly out / failed. These number chips are relatively new and I know other races have had issues.

    No biggy, but you might be even faster than you thought!!

    Was a great race as you say. Weather was spot on as well. Might not have been so nice if the weather was windy and rainy, as was in quite open countryside. I ran a half in Hitchin back in June and the weather was appalling and it really changed the race.

    Bottles made the drinks far easier - so happy about that, although the water itself was very cold to drink!

    Certainly one to run again.

  • i run with endomondo. one of my fundraisers for the VLM next year is a sweepstake on my training mileage so i got it for that. but i'm a birt of a nerd and love being able to paw over all my data as it builds up.

    Endomondo had me finishing in 1:45.33, a full 20 seconds quicker. so far i've done a 5km, 2 10km's and this 1/2 and none of them have had the two times being less than 10 seconds apart. still, there's no prize money, world records or olympic medals at stake so i'm not too fussed.

    after sunday i'm feeling much more confident about a sub 4 in april.

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