Luton 2012

Having competed in this race yesterday I was wondering why it showed 497 finishers out of what should have been 800 starters, 30%+ dnf/dns seems a awful lot to me.


  • Me too, how did you do?

  • 4:02 how about you?


  • were you running with a rucksack-if so I was the guy from Tamworth.

  • Random?! lol

    No rucksack, but I probably saw you, did 3:55 I was running just under sub 4 for the first half then sped up. So depends how even your race was?  I can't walk today!


  • Your wava's 3% better than mine, damn you! image

  • You'd would have passed me I was running sub 3.50 for the 20 miles and crawled home for the last three miles-I had a big yellow Reel Road Runners on my back. Wava is king as I often say to youngsters. Fortunately had today off work.

  • I only just passed you, it was touch and go that my calfs didn't cramp up completely from 21 miles, I had to slow down, I was fine other than that, plenty of energy, not enough long runs. Nursed the last 4 miles enough to stay under 4 hrs without cramping. Reel road runners rings a bell, but I run without my glasses and by then I was almost in a trance.

  • It was a 46 min pb for me, was expecting about 4.30 given i'd never run all the way before so I'm over the moon with my effort. Well done yourself, thought it was a top race-except water in cups.

  • Well done!!!! But if you were expecting 4:30 why were you going at 3:50 pace?! I hadn't run a marathon for ages, not a "succesful" one, had no no idea what pace to run at but mcmillan suggested I could do sub 4, so I thought sod it, go for it. Second best time for me.

    I really enjoyed it, great race, I didn't mind the water in cups, I walked through the stations and didn't drink whole cups anyway, It was much hillier than I was expecting though. Or that might've been because I was running faster than I was expecting to!

  • My plan was to run 10 min miles for the first half and kick on, but found myself running much quicker and feeling really comfortable till about 19.5 miles and then a nice young lady gave me a gee up and I managed to get through in a much better time. Stratford upon Avon Shakespeare marathon next on the Marathon agenda,

  • 8:46 m/m from a planned 10 m/m is crazy! image You did well to hold on.

    I'm doing Rome, it's 7 days before my 40th i'm thinking I could get a pb, i've got 4 months to knock off 15 minutes.

  • Rome is a beautiful place I reckon you'll do it easy. All the very best.

  • Thank you, I hope so, I was on track for 3.30 a few years ago then got injured, it's taken me a couple of years to get back in the right mind.

    Best of luck to you too!

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