Keyworth (Notts) Turkey Trot 2012

I quite fancy a place on this year's Turkey Trot (half marathon) in Keyworth, Nottinghamshire. This year they are having a transfer window starting on the 23rd of November for 5 days. 

If anybody has a place and doesn't want it, let me know and I can post a cheque/paypal/whatever, and do the paperwork.




  • It is a good Half! I have only got  place because my friend dropped out! I will keep an eye out in our running club, although it is a very popular race!


  • Cheers! Yeah I've done it a couple of times over the past few years and is always a good run.

  • Hi Paul,

    I have a friend who has an entry which she can't use due to injury.

    She is willing to transfer to another runner if you're still in need of a place.




  • Hi, I'd also love to do this race, because I recently joined a local club where quite a few people are doing it and it would be fun to go along with them. So if your friend (or anyone else) still has a spare number please let me know!


  • Hi,

    I have spoken to my friend and she is willing to transfer the entry. If you are interested we need to fill in the transfer form and post it off by Friday 30th Nov. If you can provide an e-mail address to enable us to collate the relevant information then please do so. As soon as we receive this we will get in touch to arrange the form filling etc.



  • Hi Kev,

    sent you a private message on here with my details, though obviously Paul is more entitled to the number if he still hasn't got one, since he asked first!


  • Hi Katie,

    Thanks for the message. As Paul has not responded at present and time to transfer is running out, I've passed your details onto my friend. She will be in touch to arrange the transfer with you.

  • Fabulous; thanks! Had better do some actual training now...

  • How frustrating! I ticked the box to get an email when a response is made but didn't get any! Never mind, at least some benefit has been had! 


    If there are any more last minute transfers wanted I'll try to check the forum manually a bit more frequently...!

  • Apologies Paul.

    I waited a few days but as I'd had no contact I thought it best to pass Katie's details onto my friend.

    If I hear of any other entries going spare I'll let you know. You still have the option of turning up on the day and asking at the registration desk if there are any last minute transfers to be had, there are sometimes a few.


  • Wife has eaten too much cake and is unable to run if anyone wants to arrange transfer
  • I might be wrong but can you not transfer on the day??

  • Website says you can

    if you miss the transfer window, you still have an opportunity to transfer your number on the morning of the race by visiting the Race Desk. However, we will ask for a donation to charity if you use this on-the-day service.
  • Anyone still in search of a place? I can't run now due to illness (though husband is so can arrange transfer on the day). Let me know if interested

  • In desperate search for a place in Sunday's Turkey Trot!! Can anybody help?? would make my Christmas image

  • John my wife can't run if you are interested in arranging a transfer on the day let me know
  • Thanks for the kind offer ringo100 but I'm thankfully sorted with a place now, cheers

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