Is this runners knee?

(as soon as i post about injury prevention, and injury flares up...typical!)

Not sure what this is and after reading all various blogs on here am still no wiser.

So I have developed a niggle in my knee. Didn't hurt whilst running (almost felt brittle though as so cold and i've been in asia for past few months so struggling to acclimitise). Took the run slow though and was fine, but after have devleoped pain in my left knee. It's not sore to walk, but straightening it out hurts a lot, as does climbing stairs or doing squats.There's also no swelling. Never had knee problems before.

My plan is to rest for a couple of days and see, but any other advice? 


  • Also thinking RICE....but the thought of ice when its this cold is not appealing.....can a heat pack work!?

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Heat would lead to increased swelling as it encourages blood flow to the affected area, so you'd be better off not doing anything rather than heat packs.  

    Give it a few days and if it persists go and see your GP.  The knee is complicated and many different issues have similar symptoms.  I had at least three different diagnoses for my torn cartillage before the real issue was identified. When I googled each diagnosis, I felt the symptoms matched my problem.

  • Thank you very much!! 


  • Personally, I would recommend seeing a sports physio before a GP.  A GP will most likely tell you to stop running until the pain goes away.  A sports physio will ease the pain with a sports massage, identify what has caused the injury and give you exercises to work on to prevent the injury coming back.  They understand that you want to keep on running and will do their best to get you back on your feet as soon as possible.  I had terrible ITBS and one visit to the physio has got rid of it completely (of course it took a few weeks of doing the strengthening exercises first).  Best of luck!

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