Milton Keynes Marathon



  • Seth, hope I'm not downwind of you then!

    I feel like I've got a hangover today but only drank orange juice and tea last night!

    Good luck all.


  • Hurray I did it! 3.40.xx . it hurt though.

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    Well done, awesome time. 


    I got my A time I beat 5 hours 4:56:13

  • that heat killed me, omg, i ran the 1st half in 1:52, and then at mile 16, dehydration kicked in, and my legs cramped hard, last 10 miles were agony, finished in 4:32.02

    some guy in front of me collapsed onto the pitch with just 50 yards to go, had to be stretchered, off image what a shame to fall with just 1 bend to go, inside the stadium. hope he's ok

  • Marc, I had almsot exactly the same experience, though ended up finishing in 4:37, despite a 1:50 first half. Mile 16 was where it all went wrong for me too. Well, I say all went wrong, I actually had an amazing day, despite the pain of the last 10 miles. The supporters were great and really helped me on and finishing in the stadium was pertty damn cool too. Though what was with the stormtroopers at the finish line?

    Saw a faller at mile 25 being helped by police and thought that must have been harsh, but 50 yards to go...

  • excellent running guys  in such hot weather  - we were marshaling at mile 24.4 image

    my girls loved watching and cheering  - if i'm not running it next year will deffo be out to marshal again 

  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    Thanks curlytwig xxx

  • Well done everyone. thanx xcurly and all the support and marshals. Had a great day, wife and daughters had fun too, older one had face painted but the younger one DOES NOT LIKE FACE PAINTING!

    That red energy drink was horrid, not a complaint just a preference. I ran a pretty even split within a minute or so. Mile 23 onward I couldn't go faster then 9min miles though. My feet were spasming or something I've not had before. I'm really chuffed with the time though.

  • brer rabbitbrer rabbit ✭✭✭

    Well done everyone in that least we all got around safe-that is the main thing. 3hr 31 mins for me..couldnt kick in to get sub 3:30 but pleased with that time in those conditions.

    Brilliant event and organisation-well done MK

  • i had some really rude members of the public image

    kids (well young men) on a mini motorbike thing - families on bikes letting their kids weave allover the path image- i politely reminded people to slow down, keep left (not the runners) 

    but generally brill reception from non runners

    i was super impressed at how smiley the runners were even past 24 miles - awesome image

  • on the final bridge before mile 24 there were 4 teenage lads blocking the whole bride and laughing whilst drinking beer.. tossers. i just barged through, but they were activly stopping runners. 

  • Mixed day for me. Me and another  guy were running on our own around mile 6, being led by a race marshall on a bike. I thought we should have been going straight up the dual carriage way, but he vered off taking is off to the redways, round lots of bends and corners, and eventually we came back  onto the dual carriage way amongst lots of other runners. They were well behind us before. So either we ran a long course, or the others ran a short course. All our early work was gone.image

    After cooling down and fighting off the "could not be arsed anymore" monkey, we then had confusuion at other turns.  Cones were in the process of still being put in some areas later on. This is one race I will never be back to.

    Apart from a few kids, scooter and bikes to dodge, the second half was an improvement.

    Great support from the public and the many marshalls who I have nothing bad to say about. But as a race it sucked. Finished 7th in 2:52:49 which I was pleased with given I turned into Mr Angry for a bit.

  • awww marc S . i was at 24.4  after said bridge at the top of the long slope... and i think these were people who removed signs as well  - such a shame people behave this way image

    also ran - great time still image 

    there were issues with road closures at miles 6/7 and 25 (they cross paths here) as its the main roundabout to the hospital and could only be closed for 1/2 hour due to ambulance needs

    the council hadn't delivered cones on time either (this was told to me by a marshal)  if the hospital route needs to remain open, surley they could route around it ? what do i know eh!

    it is only the 2nd marathon held here so lessons to be learned ... 

  • David Falconer 3 wrote (see)

    Well done Also Ran ....... in all seriousness, I would be pissed, but how come it was only the two of you that got taken down the wrong path ......... where both of you really that far ahead of everyone else?



    Yes - there were about 6 guys at the front who were on for 2:45 pace who were led by a bike marshall, then me and another guy who were around 2:50pace also lead by a bike marshall, then some way back there was a group. Both groups were out of sight by the point we turned off, and we met the group behind at the point we rejoined the dual carriage way.

    Of course I am assuming we went wrong, and they were right, otherwise there are dodgy GFA times. I will make enquiries.

    It was a lonely race, apart from that little meet up with the group, I ran solo the whole way apart from 3 who passed me, and 2 who I overtook later.

    Its not the first time this has happened in a race, and I'm sure it won't be the last.

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Also-ran fantastic race, well done.  If it's any consolation the route I mapped from the programme would have you leaving the dual carriageway after mile 6 for a redway and then re-joining the road after the roundabout (no, I know not why...) the other geezers were given a short cut...

    DNF for me.  Too hot, heat stroke, very pleased St John's were there in force...

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    ...actually scrap that.  That detour is the one in mile 25 - cyclist got it wrong.  Sorry.

  • Well done everyone. I managed 3:02:35 which for a debut marathon I'm quite pleased with. The weather took its toll though and I got bad cramps between miles 20 and 21 which forced me to stop for a bit, and then further bouts later on which meant I had to slow down. Pity, because I was on sub-3 pace through 20 miles...

    Forgot the suntan lotion... Looking somewhat like a beetroot this evening...

  • sorry to hear that Teknik, hope you feel ok now.

  • great time also ran, i can post up my garmin trace from that area if you like, so you can see if the main pack went the same way.


  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Thanks Marc.  Ok now.  I'm going to keep an eye on the weather forecast to see if I've wasted 5 months of training, or, if it's cooler, I'll have ago at Halstead in 6 days' time...

  • looks like we left the roads to avoid the island too.


  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    Teknik tykes, glad to see you seem better now

    i'm just suffering from sunburn. 

  • Cheer Mark.S - I'm interested to find out what happened, but am just about over it now! I will ask the question to them, but to be honest the bloke I was running with flipped his lid and was chuntering on about it for some time. I think that forced me to pull away from him so I could get my head together!

    Teknik - sorry to hear about that. How far in were you before you pulled up. Hopefully a very quick recovery and some proper UK weather will arrive for next weekend.

  • TeknikTeknik ✭✭✭

    Also-ran I caved in at mile 12. HR 10-15 beats higher than normal. Slowed down to let it recover but it kept rising.  In fact it was still at 130 after 10 minutes lying on the grass with my feet in the air. 

    I had an awful time in Berlin 2 years ago (32C+). Decided this time that  retreat was the better blah blah...

    Onwards and upwardsimage


  • I have to agree with most of the comments on here, the marshalls were great - thanks XcurlytwigX. If you were at 24.4 miles, you probably gave me some kind words of encouragement - I was running for Willen Hospice. Like other people I had to negotiate around children and walkers.

    I trained for 3:48 but finished in 4:16, but given the weather, I was pleased to  just finish. Saw so many runners getting assistance at the roadside, I really felt for them as it was tough. I also hit the wall around 15.5 miles and spent the remainder of the race doing a run/ walk thing, not what I had planned but it got me round. Some great times being posted on here, despite the weather - well done everybody.

  • Hi all - WELL DONE TO ALL! (special hi to booktrunk that i was lucky to meet at the start)

    And sorry to hear about your experience Teknik.

    I had a bit of a mixed day. As pre my previous post you will know that I am ill with a sore throat and a bad cough and was in two minds about running this but I decided to go for it, on the strength on an ok park run on Saturday (!!).

    I have done plenty of 30+km runs in training (I live in a hilly place) and I know, really know, that I can do 6 mins/km for at least 35 km, without problems. My half marathon time is 1.53.

    So yesterday I started happy and slow but I started suffering very early on. At mile 12 I had a coughing fit and the heat, which I do not like at the best of times, really affected me. My breathing was all over the place.

    I went into complete physical and emotional meltdown. I realised I could not run the race that in normal condition I was capable of. I had (in my head thankfully) a full blown tantrum: this is unfair! I do not want this!! Cough, cough, cough.

    I just could not breathe properly and get into my stride. Cough, g, cough.

    So I had 2 option, quit it or develop a race strategy that would allow me to finish in one piece.


    I chose b.


    I decided to run a mile and walk a mile. I am used to be on my feet for a long time and know that the 20-something km left were not that much, really.


    So I did, with focus and determination. Run one, walk one. Cough.  Cough a little more. At mile 23 I decided to run the last 3 miles. Because you see, the muscles strenght was there - IS there, it was :"just" my breathing that would not let me run. (In fact, today I ache a little but nothing like I would expect).

    I finished in 4.48, obviously not happy with my time but very proud of my mental strenght, proud that on a difficult day I have managed to keep on keeping on!

    So I have done my first marathon, but it is unfinished business between me and the distance. Give me a cold day without a cough and me and the big 42.195 are going to have a GRAND day. I promise you.


  • booktrunkbooktrunk ✭✭✭

    Hiya Trilla image thanks for saying hi it was great.


    congrats on the revised plan. It got you around (still 8m faster than me), and now you need a nice autumn marathon to smash that time image

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭

    Hi all,

    Well done to everyone.

    Technik - sorry to hear about your heart rate. I think a lot of people struggled.

    MK was my 3rd marathon in 3 days and it was actually my fastest! Great support, great marshalls but a tad bit hot!

    I ended up making a running train bringing in a few of the slower runners around 5.30ish. It was a great way to spend the race and pass the miles.

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