Not the Worcester Marathon

Just got an email from Threshold Events about next year's Worcester Marathon and Half. I am sure this is a great event, but when I look at the course I see that it starts just outside Worcester and runs into the countryside. Does this not contravene the Trades Descriptions Act? Worcester is a great city and I would love to enter an event that ran through it.

The Kenilworth Half is the same, starts in the suburbs of Kenilworth, and then disappears into the sticks.  Should events that bear a town or city’s name not be obliged to run through them?  Does anyone feel the same?


  • You try getting a marathon through a town or city  image

    Its starts in the place appropriate to the name, I cant see a problem personally ....

  • Having grown up in the Woo (Worcester) I think the logistics of running a half marathon or a 2 lap full would be impossible.  I can't think of a route that would actually take in the sights, without having to close down the major arteries into the city centre.  Plus, most people moan about hills on a course and there would be some notable hills involved that there would be no way of getting round.  They could use the canal towpaths but then you wouldn't really get to see the sights (i.e. Catherdral, Cricket Ground, Race Course, St Andrews Spire, Sixways etc).  If you use the riverbanks there would be steps involved at some point.  I appreciate what your saying on the 'Worcester' front but then if you name it something more appropriate i.e. Black Pear Half would anyone outside of the local area know where it was???

  • I did Gosport Half yesterday. It started on the border of the town and runs away from it. You mainly run in Lee-on-Solent.

    I don't think it matters as long as you know where the start is and get there at the right time.

  • There you go yellow mag - you can organise the first central Worcester Marathon. As you say - easy enough to do.....
  • Yeah but lets be honest some people moan about the 'hills' of running over a motorway flyover, I'd love to see them tackle Fort Royal or Rainbow Hill image  Not that there is anything wrong with putting some short steep climbs into a course, wouldn't bother me!

    I believe this to be the second running of this race in 2013, so I guess it will take a while for the race to grow and to get the council on board with the necessary road closures etc.  If it grows maybe it will migrate into the city but those are some nice villages the current course takes you through: Wychavon Half Marathon (I think thats geographically correct??)

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