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Hi everyone,

My name is Martin and I am a sport psychologist and runner. I work as a senior lecturer in sport and exercise psychology at the University of Gloucestershire

I am conducting a study with the British Milers Club to examine the relationship between pain perceptions, mindfulness, and running performance.

If you have 5 minutes free and would like to take part in a research study please click this link:

I am a British Psychological Society (BPS) Chartered psychologist, an accredited British Association of Sport and Exercise Science (BASES) sport and exercise scientist and a Science Council chartered scientist so if anyone has any sport psych questions feel free to message me.




  • Will you publish the results? If so can you come back and put a link on the forum to them.

    We get alot of these requests and never see the results. Would be nice to know if "putting your left sock on first" made me a better runner.

  • Yep, I will publish the results as soon as they are available. 




  • Survey done; didn't hurt a bit. image

  • Thanks Piers, please pass it on to any other runners that might be interested. 

    Kind regards



  • I will post results on the forum and on the BMC Frank Horwill Scholarship research facebook page:



    Please like the page for regular updates on the research

  • Couldnt complete as the form claimed I had not filled out a question when I in fact had
  • Can you try again. I've just checked the fom and it's all ok so should accept your responses now



  • No, still doesnt work. Had no times less than 5 km. you need to do some more bugchecking
  • Thanks for the email. Bug checking complete.Please make sure that the questions with a red coloured * are answered. If you miss any of these Google Docs will not let you proceed. 


    Also try putting 0 in the under 5K distances - see if that helps.


    Thanks for your persistance! I hope that your data can get through.





  • Ok I get through the second page now. It was caused by an inappropriate or imprecise error message when I filled in "77" for birth year instead of "1977"

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