Hi, my Physio wants me to add orthotics into my Asics gt2160s. I thought these shoes were already designed to help flat feet and I am therefore concerned that this would cause a problem, please could you advise?


  • Hi nik

    Yes you can put orthotics into your running shoes. Has your physio seen you run with your orthotics in your shoes? It would be best to get your gait checked without the orthotics and with them inserted to see the difference.

    I run with orthotics in my asics 1170s and they work really well.
  • I think it depends on what the orthotic is trying to address. The 2160 is a structured shoe (even more rigid than the 1170), so this shoe is being worn to address moderate pronation problems. Then you are adding in an orthotic to address other problems, e.g. a high arch. If the physio knows the shoe you wear, then go with his advice.

    If I was starting from scratch, I'd prefer a neutral shoe, with an orthotic to sort out all my woes.

  • I used to question this but apparently it's fine depending on gait.

    However i would say you'd be better taking advice from a podiatrist who measured you than a physio...
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