Great North Run 2013

Hi all

I would love to run a charity event such as the great north run, so looking at half marathon or even full marathon but I would love to run for my very own unique chosen charity.. Is this possible to get a gauranteed place on an event ? if so how do I go about getting involved in this /

Obviously there are plenty of charities out there that will gaurantee me a place if I run for them but for my own personnal reasons I would love to pick a charity close to my heart and run for them instead.

Any information or advice on this would be perfect. Do you know of any events that I could simply just register and run...


  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    99% of races you can just sign up and run.

    Never run the great north myself but im sure there are plenty of non charity bond places available.
  • If you want a place in the Great North Run you need to enter the ballot for a place.  I think it opens in early Jan.  If you go to you can sign up for the reminder service for when the ballot opens.  If you got a place through this route you could raise money for any charity you wished.  If you don't get a place then you would need to go down the charity route. Most of the big, well known charities will have places and tell you how much you would be required to raise.  If you have a particular charity in mind then I would approach them to see if they have any places for the Great North Run or whatever event you are interested in. 

  • Fiona thank you very very much image
  • Craig,

    Best of luck with getting a place for the GNR, it is a fantastic race I've taken part over 10 times.

    A ballot place will be a low chance. I wouldn't rule out running for a charity, as it is your best chance to get a place. Some charities are not expecting you to raise thousands.

    All the best with securing a place!
  • I found out yeaterday that I am in the GNR 2013, got a ballot place... cant wait image

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