Pale patches on face when running

When training I've never gone rosy red like most and it's never really bothered me until I started taking up running 6months back and joined a weekly run club - we've built up to 10kms now but where everyone else goes a healthy beetroot red amid and toward the end I have a sort of red face but with a very noticable stripe of pallor on/under my cheek bones, but noticeably white in colour. I feel fine, totally fine - not dizzy, tired or anything.... I drink plenty before I run, eat a good hour before etc. I've had a google and there isnt really much on "going white instead of red". I go back to normal after about an hour or so... and as I said feel utterly fine. Some threads I read say blood can drain from face to oxygenate muscles where needed? I don't think I am over exerting myself but looking at me people do comment and ask if I'm ok which is so disconcerting! Is this a normal thing - do some physiologically just go pale instead of red?! 

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