Marathon Training

I am about to begin training for another marathon. I have completed several. My training so far has followed the usual gradual increase n distance up to 21 miles. I spoke with someone last year who was training by doing the usual long slow runs for 2 weeks and then on the 3rd week run 15 miles at race pace. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? To me is makes some sense but wouldn't mind a second opinion


  • Plenty of plans have weeks where the long run is run at marathon pace on certain weeks for part of the run. e.g. Pfitzinger & Douglas 55-70 plan has several weeks. Example - 5 weeks out, 18miles with 14m @ MP.

    Within my own long runs I incorporate several paces, and will do extended periods at marathon pace every few weeks. It helps to get a feel for the pace and can let you know where you are in your training.

  • I agree, blocks a marathon pace is a good idea.  Things like easy first 10M at MP + 30s then second 10M @ MP.  Or my favourite 26M with miles 15-20 @ MP - 10s per miles and 20-25 @ MP.  Loads of a variations, but getting used to running MP on tired legs helps everytime.

    Also I'm interested at the peak mileage of 21M, I tend to complete 5 or more at 22+ and tend not to run out of gas, just a thought

  • I have an added complication. I bring a group on the long run. The principle I have used is that we start together and no-one gets left behind. It has worked well with 4 PBs. Unfortunately if I introduce up to 15 miles at MP the group will split. Would it be possible to get results using shorter distances of 3-5 miles but repeated throughout the run?
  • Try an out and back say along a canal that's how I manage it
  • I live in a hilly area where we do a large loop of the town on country roads. I suppose I could do the loop back by suggesting that the better runners turn back after a certain time and the other runners run at their pace until the group meet again. If I build it up slowly the faster runners wouldn't have to run too much further than the other runners
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