Forerunner 310 HR

Hi i've just got a new forerunner 310 given to me from Garmin as my old one broke.

What i want to know is can you set it to show Your HR permanently on the screen as you train with your usual distance and speed as well ? ant help will be much appreciated thanks...


  • yes you canimage

    with the garmins you choose how many screens you want and how many sections on the screen........

  • Cheers seren nos will have a look..

    Just looked can't find how you get it up, its just got time, lap pace and distance any help guys


  • clickk on settings.then onrun settings....then on data firelds.....then on run 1.this is the main screen you will get then it will let you choose between 1 and 4 windows........arrow to the window you want to change and then you can scroill through loads  and loads of options..including power and hr etc..............and then chose the appropriate one......

    or you can actually have several screens with different info and when you are running manaually scroll i have a single lasge HR display and then scroll to the one with distance and time and pace etc when i'm nosy........and then back to HR

  • seren nos ..

    Thanks thats sorted now it'll make training a lot easier !!

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