Amazon Black Friday Deals

I hope this is not breaking any rules here, but wanted to share as I have picked up a few good christmas deals here in the past few years. Will update the post if i see any more related items.

Garmin ForeRunner 310 XT HRM - Offer starts at 4pm GMT


  • Maybe I should post a tin of spam on here - but won't as I will have a look at 4!!!!

  • I managed to grab the 310xt with HRM strap.  It was £150 and all sold out within two minutes!  Lowest price previously was £180, so it's a nice bargain Christmas prezzy for me image

    The forerunner 110 was on sale yesterday for £70 and didn't sell out.  So that will probably be repeated on the weekend if anyone is interested (it's pretty basic tbh).  I wouldn't be surprised if other forerunners are up for grabs during the week.

  • glad to hear it was of use to some one, saw some goggles this morning but was too slow to post them here, if no one objects I'll pop up links to any other useful items.

  • i would not class it as spam if its a genuine independant deal.........i presume you are noit the owner of amazon training hillimage

  • Well if he owns Amazon I've just given him ??150 image
  • damn you caught me, my extra million bonus plan through advertising on forums has been found out! I don't mind being told its not how this forum works, i know some don't like it, but there are normally some good deals to be had and honestly even as the owner of amazon i won't make all that much moeny out of linking the items here.

  • there wa s abrgain thread where everyone could put up any bargains that they found.

  • Ahhh the amazon affiliate program....

    Best approach in a forum is to post a link to your own website , which in turn has the product catalogue links back to amazon.

    The promotions change but the traffic from the forums doesnt

    You could make yourself enough for a couple of pints so long as you can wait until february for the cheque image
  • bought a watch on their black friday deal last year and a couple of weeks later they had it on sale for even less so i wasn't impressed and think twice about using them now for the deals

  • As long as your not selling your own stuff i personally think its fine to point out a bargain to your fellow pirates somebody posted a headtorch thread and i have just brought an Alpkit Gamma on the strenght of that ??15 total steal image wouldnt have known they existed otherwise image
  • seren - I use and research what I want before the sales, so I know I'm getting the lowest price to date at least.  There's not much you can do about a product being reduced even further at a later date, though forerunners tend to hold their value well.  A bit too well sometimes.... the 305 is selling for nearly £200 now, and I bought mine 5 years ago for £130.

    I've got the Alpkit Gamma too, but haven't had to use it yet so can't comment on the practicality.  I bought it well before I needed it because I got caught out last year when they went out of stock (who'd have thought they would sell so many in December/January image).

  • Ten, the Garmin 110 is up today at 12:45pm price isn't listed yet, nothing else of relevance but there were some nice stripey socks...Peter Jones-esque


  • Thanks Choisty, I don't know how I missed that this morning (other than not properly awake image).

    I reckon the price will be £75 to £80, given that it has been on sale for £96 previously.

  • 69.99 not a bad price for the 110


  • 310xt with HRM is back up today at 2:45pm.  £150 bargain.

  • KeirKeir ✭✭✭

    I've already got the 310XT with HRM. 3yrs old and due to being water proof it has survived a spin in the washing machine. 

    But at £150 I am really tempted to buy another. Not sure why I would need another, apart from 1 for each wrist? I just find it so hard to pass up on a bargin. 

  • buy it, then you can always flog it in teh weeks before christmas for a profit?

    Or just sell the old one

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