Windsor 1/2 Marathon

Did anyone get a PB at Windsor?
Everyone I have spoken too was dissapointed with there time this year.
Someone must be pleased with there time.


  • Hi Pete 1

    If you go to the Windsor half results thread(think its on the URWFRC forum) you'll see loads of people were very pleased with their time though some did have a bad day.

    I had a great run - and as it was my first half whatever time I came in at would have been a PB - did it in 2.04:45 which I was very pleased with.
  • PB for me 1:51:10, mind you was first half marathon
  • I last ran this race in 1999 & I find this new course harder & more hilly. Is this just my imagination or was it the heat that got me?
  • oiyouoiyou ✭✭✭
    Pete 1 - yes it was a PB for me, I took near 4 mins off my Guernsey Half time, so I'm well pleased with my days work despite not running my target time.
  • shocker - 20 minutes off, with a 2'08
  • I ran a personal best by 55 seconds thanks to great pacing from Fozzie and Long Legs. However, my joy was subdued because I was expecting to go under 2hrs.
  • Great to have your company George, and glad you got a PB. Not one of my better runs, I was hoping for a PB but could not get a good pace right from the start, I dont think I am very good when its warm and as for the hills!! Will try and beat my timne next year though.
  • Add me to the list of disappointed runners. Had been following the RW 100 day programme religiously hoping for sub-01:50 and ended up with 01:56. I don't know if the course is harder than 1999, but I am still looking for those 5-10 minutes the organisers promised we would take off our times with the course changes.
  • First time... Has to be PB!
  • Mine was a PB by 6 minutes with 1:50. It doesn't mean I wasn't disappointed as I had been training at 1:45 pace and the heat and hills killed me!!! Must find a flat half this winter to have another go at sub 1:45... any ideas in the Bucks area!!!
  • pb of 2:17 in my first 1/2-in fact first organised race-happy that i ran my plan of 10:30 min miles consistently.hoping to complete nyc marathon nov 3 for a new pb at that distance(first of course) too!!i thought the first mile was measured short,don't know what anyone else any event without noticeably changing pace i ran 9:30 for the first 'mile' and 21 min for the first two...
  • First HM for me too - so it was aPB! I was really pleased - had followed the RW schedule too hoping for 2:15 and came in at 2:06, and felt really comfortable all the way round - even managed negative splits! I thought the first mile was measured short too - my friend and I reached the marker at 9:15 on our watches but definitely weren't running at that pace. Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed the race - beautiful location, gorgeous day, lots of men in uniform.....can't go wrong!
  • I'm another first timer at HM and got a PB of 1:49. Paced the first 6 miles at 9:00 and was feeling so good I upped the tempo a bit to run a large negative split. Also found the mile markers a bit dodgy, didn't get hit by a lack of water but some friends who were behind me did complain. Was using the race to pace myself for Dublin, but have missed a lot of endurance due to injury over summer so not expecting miracle time there...
  • PB of 1:38, which was 7 mins faster than my time at the even hotter and hillier Burnham Beeches half in August... like Nobby I'll be looking for a faster race this winter - ideally flat as a pancake and with the temperature just above freezing - nice!
  • Definitely short first mile - 8:07 but averaged 9:06. First so PB. Wanted under 2hrs, made 1:59 - how's that for pacing? Heat and hills were tough but a good day.
  • Hi Skinny Whippet, I did Burnham Beeches as well. Like you I'd like to do another flat half to see what I'm capable of. Any ideas?

    Got 1:45:20 at Burnham (then PB) and 1:41:22 at Windsor (PB)
  • Not one of my best times - 2:08. PB is 1:56 at Reading this year. Any excuse, but had a calf injury 3 days before the event. Lovely atmosphere, but hills and heat didn't help. I will be back next year !
  • Blue Knees, the only flat 1/2M I found when I did a search was Gosport on the 17th November - but I've already signed up to do the Brighton 10k on that day!! (but at least that should be fast & flat too....)

    After Burnham I'm always suspicious of any race that's described as "undulating" ;-)
  • It was a bit much wasn't it. I'm ashamed to say I walked part of the last hill on the finishing straight.

    I might see you at Brighton. I too saw Gosport but its not very nice to look at.
  • Yeah that last hill - ouch....
  • it was my first 1/2 marathon so i was very pleased with my time of 1.37.39 i found some of the mile markings dubious and it was very hilly.still what a glorious day.
  • Alex popplewell.

    Haven't seen you on the New York thread but those of us running New York are meeting up at the mayflower hotel on Central park near the pasta party at 5.00 on the Saturday.
  • This was my first too, so whatever I did would be a PB: I was pleased with 2 hours 22, and relieved to hear that some thought the first mile was measured short, I did that in 9.15, when I'm usually a steady 10 minute miler. The lack of water at the 9 mile water station was my lowest point, especially as it came just before the long hill! Great day out though, I think I'll be there next year.
  • Hi I'm new to this forum, and to running for that matter. In response to Pete's question I ran my first half-marathon and got a PB of approx 1hr47 so was pretty happy. My two running friends didn't fare so well - both ended in the first aid tent with dehydration. Can't say I was too impressed with the lack of water around the course. Will def. be there next year though. Can anyone recommend a good 10m/half-marathon event in the spring?
  • We have some URWFRC events in March where loads of formites will be turning out. These include Salisbury, Telford (Ironbridge), Coniston and Inverness. See the URWRCC thread for more info
  • Hi All,
    I have run Windsor 3 times now and on Sunday I found it very very hard.....
    I came in on a time of 1.44 but had done 1.41 last year, so I blamed it on the heat.
    It was a great run with lots of great people
    and I remember lining up with some of the
    runners world forum runners who were aiming for 1;50. Guys I hope you got it....
    That last hill was a killer don't you think?
    So whats next??? We have Southend 10k in my area, but I fancy another half soon... Any ideas......
  • I ran this race last year in 1 57 when it was wet and windy and by comparison this year was really pleasant. I did 1 59 which I was pleased with , I was aiming for 2 10,as I have only been running again for 2 weeks following an injury after tripping over a dog in June. I think that most pople were drinking too little. I had 3 cups of water at each station and did not find the hills an issue. I felt fine at the end, but saw many people who looked very dehydrated.
  • I really cannot understand why so may people have complained of heat/dehydration.

    The weather was near perfect, and there is no excuse for dehydration if water is provided, which it was at regular intervals.

    If it did run out for back markers, that reflects poor organisation, particularly as only 4,600 showed up in an entry of 6,000.

    Otherwise,it is down to individuals to prepare properly,and the message about the dangers of dehydration were made perfectly clear in the Windsor brochure sent out a fortnight beforehand.
  • Dave,

    You tripped over a dog!!!!!!

    What are you like!!!!
  • This was my first half marathon, and despite not training for the last 6 weeks due to a knee injury, finished in 2:18.
    I really enjoyed the day and I am looking forward to my first marathon - New York in 30 Days.
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