Garmin 205 & 305

I have the 205 Edge and Forerunner and love both and my wife is looking for something similar for Christmas and ideally with the HRM which would be the 305. What are the replacements for these two and are they better/worse/the same ?



  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    The 310XT is probably the nearest equivalent model in the current garmin range, however the whole forerunner range has grown and there are various models that may fit the bill.  Have a look at the dcrainmaker web site to find out more about Garmins than you ever thought possible!  You may find the cheaper models have the features you are looking for.  Also worth keeping an eye out on Amazon for cheap deals (think someone mentioned the 310 was in this week's black friday deal)

  • Thanks. Yes the 310 is in the Amazon Black Friday deal at 16.00 today.

  • the 310 also regularly does as well if not better than all but the 910 in most tests too, unless there is a specific feature on the higher models then the 310 is usually the best option still imo.

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