Winter training

So I'm currently trying to establish a good fitness base for next season, and been experimenting with a few different routines.  I really struggle with morning exercising, as getting up at 6am and out into the dark and cold really doesn't appeal to me (i've tried, honestly).  However this means annoying the other half as when I come home from work (often around 7, 8 pm) i'm straight out of the door again, and often i'm running on an empty stomach.  And of course, by then it's dark again.

How do you folks cope with fitting training in to the shortened winter days? 


  • just get out in the dark and train. simple as.

    or swim and turbo during the week if the weather is shit and get out for the longer runs and bikes at the weekend

  • Decent kit a good waterproof jacket, longs, overshoes n gloves for the bike and decent layers for the run also lots of off road stuff trail running and mountain biking as it seems much more fun to do this than road bike run when the weather is cack plus good bike lights and headtorch

    Its all about mental attitude set the alarm get up and ignore the dark and weather as soon as you are out the door and half mile down the road its not a problem getting out the door is the trick
  • RicFRicF ✭✭✭

    Your training in the early hours, doesn't really appeal to you since your training hasn't any purpose to it worth the discomfort. 

  • Try getting up and out in the morning and see how you feel afterwards, I find it really sets you up for the day.

    You could also turbo first thing to avoid the dark and bad weather or since you say you're workig on establishing fitness rather than a training program you could always do a dreaded excersise DVD first thing instead? Got to try and do my first pre work swim this week myself. Friday morning it will happen.

  • how about running at lunchtime??

  • I can't run evenings as it then intrudes on home life - if I want to run then it has to be early which is why I am out the door by 5:45 each morning whatever the weather - certainly it is more appealing in the summer certainly but if I want to run then I have to do what I have to do - (am thinking about getting a head torch though as I run along the sea wall where there is no lighting)

  • Bring on the cold.  I've just bought some lobster mitts!


  • Those lobster gloves are the biz, I tried my new pair out for first time on Sunday morning, nice frosty morning I thought, time to try new gloves, had to take them off after 45 mins as hands too hot and sweaty. They will be fine when it really does get cold thou.

  • For some reason, those lobster mits remind me of Zippy from Rainbow image not sure I could stick my hand in them now......image

  • image  I'll put my hands in anything if it'll keep them warm!  I suffer pretty badly from the old Raynaud's, to the point of having to abandon a couple of runs last winter just because my normal gloves weren't doing the job. Hopefully these will sort me out, I've heard good things.

  • Night running is the way to go, head torch, woods, eyes staring at you from the darkness.  It's a whole new experience, and though you run slower than normal, that's no bad thing.  Early morning, late at night, the same.  I also engage smug mode when I'm running home through the village and think of everyone staring at TV screens watching Jordan talking about her new tits or something when I've been out doing something worthwhile, but that's just me.

  • I second the night running/head torch route!


  • Nope, Jordan, THEN go out for a run. image

    Are Deal extreme still doing those mighty headtorches for 25 quid?. Daylight attached to a headband.

  • DimTimTris wrote (see)

     and think of everyone staring at TV screens watching Jordan talking about her new tits or something when I've been out doing something worthwhile, but that's just me.

    isn't watching Jordan and her tits doing something worthwhile??  image

  • She's barely human!


  • lobster mitts, head torches and Jordans tits all in one thread......

    This is Caravan Owners Forum isn't it ?

  • Sorry to digress from the er...digression, but I run mostly lunchtimes and weekends.  One or at most two runs weekday evenings typically for club sessions.

    I have tried, and enjoyed, morning runs through pitch black woods with a head torch and the dog, but struggle to motivate myself on a regular basis.

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