Outer thigh pain


I've been having a 'dull' outer thigh pain (off and on) for a few months now (about where the quad meets the hamstring muscles), well now it's gone full blown sore, like a donkey's kicked me! It sore to the touch when pushing on it too...

The other day was my longest run in minutes before my interval of walking for 2 min. I'm a heavy footed runner and I've been losing weight over the past couple of months but my thigh hasn't bothered me too much until yesterday. It seems like when I try to lift my leg, it hurts and sometimes it slightly gives out on me so I'm walking around with a limp. Could it be my running style? (under pronator) or my old shoes? Help please!


  • sounds like its your IT Band.

    best thing for that is Foam Roller massage.

  • I've been 'marpleing' online and found the symptoms of possibly the Iliotibial band inflammation? I also forgot to post earlier that my knee on that leg has also felt 'weakened'. I'm thinking of new shoes now, rest, ice and and ibruprofen....Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. image

  • Thanks Max's mum....

  • when i had trouble with mine it caused all sorts of pains down the side of the leg, shooting pains down to the calf, and weakened muscles. image

    the foam roller massage sorted it, took twice a day for a couple of weeks.

    you dont need to spend a lot, about £12 on amazonimage

  • Cheers again for that....I've already ordered thru Amazon the foam roller massage. Hope to get it next week, I'll take your knowledge into account. Take care.image

  • Athlete Treating Athletes is a good site to show you how to roll and to stretch for ITBS


    The actual cause can be from several places, including foot flexibility / pronation, and from weakness in TFL/Glue muscles, tight muscles etc. The above site has a page on causes which is worth checking out.

    I have had the problem on and off for years - long before I took up running. Came back to haunt me earlier this year after taking up running, and with a bit of guidance from a physio it went again.

    I recently injured my adductor muscles, and the ITBS came back. I'm in the process of getting rid again!  Rolling and stretching would be the first thing to try

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