Kona/Pros Racing

Did I miss a thread?

There doesn't seem to have been one about Kona or the Pro racing this year or is that done somewhere else or just not the done thing ?

Coming from other sports there's always been big threads discussing the big races after they've happened. But perhaps that doesn't happen with Tri as it's more about racing yourself than racing others?

I was puzzling so thought I'd ask. Sorry if I've missed it.


  • there has been talk about Kona but it's been pretty disemminated over this place, twitter and facebook.  threads on here tend to be about events that we are doing.

    Rosey raced at Kona - he was followed mainly on Twitter and Facebook

  • Yep I picked up on Rosey and found his reports and updates , even heard him on IM Talk!

    I just thought there might have been a discussion on the race in general, but appears not.



  • I think the real tri geeks are on twitter...

  • I think the real tri geeks are on teamtbb.com.....it's a bit like slowtwitch - but for nutters....image

  • race report is nearly done, I was hoping to sneak under the radar but alas it was in vain, I will have to post more self centred blog posts about me, me, me.


    And slowtwitch ....... pah !!

  • Race report done. 


    Slightly (very) self indulgent !! and may take an afternoon - no apologies

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    I'll save it until tonight and have a beer as I read it. It takes you longer to write a report than it takes for some folks to train for an IM  - none meant of course !

  • Lol, none taken
  • Top report! I want to race right now. image 

  • Cheers mate
  • Fantastic report- really enjoyed the way you decribed the mental battle - Top racing too! - there's a reason your called the "Admiral!"

  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    cracking read. Captures the highs and lows of endurance sports well, the way you dealt with the downs and worked out the best way forward and the mental games that takes is what endurance sports are all about and seperates the "cans" from the "cant's". Well played Mr Rose.

  • Great report really interesting to get the perspective of your self talk and inner struggle amazing how fine the line between success and failure are and how key a positive mental attitude is and how much our ability is down to self belief and what we will accept


  • Cheers guys, never straight forward these damn races eh ?!
  • Great report Admiral Nose Rose image

  • Awesome - we should space out the race reports throughout the year so we can always get our 'fix' - been inspired again now, thanks, Rose
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