Can Anyone Recommend a Trail Shoe?

I know that this may seem a bit of an odd request, but I am currently running in a pair of New Balance w1080v2 shoes in a D width.  These seem to suit me perfectly as, after being analysed, I was told I am a neutral runner.

However, the majority of my running is now on trails (am training for an ultra marathon next April) and these shoes are no longer really cutting it and I find I am having to walk rather more than I would like due to the fact the shoes don't seem to grip very well in muddy conditions (I know, surprising for a road shoe huh?!)

So, can anyone recommend something that is likely to suit me along the lines of my current trainers?  Happy to spend up to £100 on a pair.


  • I've had a fair few pairs of trail shoes and its hard to recommend any, it seems to be purely down to personal taste. Different brands seem to suit some but not others. Currently running in a pair of Columbia's (not a popular brand for trail running, but picked up a cheap pair on wiggle). They're pretty light and pretty grippy. Love my new balance 110's, but they're pretty minimalist so not to everybody's taste.

    Can't get on with salamons, the fit never seems quite right and although I've always run in asics road shoes, never found a pair of their trail shoes that I like.

    Just try a load on but from personal experience, the more expensive ones aren't always the best.
  • I recently bought some inov8 talon 212s and so far cannot fault them. The grip is outstanding. I found myself staying on my feet where we running partner couldnt in his adidas trail shoes. 

    Ultra wise, ive heard things that the talons are only good for medium distance. I cant comment on that as ive only been as far as half marathon in them but i didnt find any issues.  Clean up very well tooimage

  • As an aside Sports Pursuit are doing NB 101 for 23 quid at the moment! Quite minimal, but I really like them. Trail/light fell crossover. Go up half a size.

  • Thanks everyone for all your recommendations - I shall take a look around at them image

  • Currently running in Vivobarefoot Breatho Trails, but for something a bit less minimal, used to use Mizuno Wave Harriers, they were very nice.

  • IckleMini, you're really going to need to go and try some on, see which ones suit your feet. Inov8 are great shoes, and so are Salomon, I'm told, but the shape of the Salomon shoes doesn't work for me. I'm mostly running in VivoBarefoot Neo and Neo Trail shoes now (wore the Neo Trail for the NDW50), but getting a pair of Inov8 Trailroc 235s ready for Lakeland 50. The 255 are the least-minimalist of the Trailroc set (I'm mentioning them because they're trail and wide, and I'm assuming you have wide feet because you mention a NB D fitting). Mizuno Wave Harriers or Ascent might be worth a look, if your feet are not TOO wide in the toe box (they're too narrow for me).

    Note that the choice of trail shoes to try on will vary considerably depending on the store and where you are (don't try looking for trail shoes for size 4.5 feet in London).

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