Any funny or mischievous stories of youngsters.

My son when he was 4 or 5 yrs old, one sleepy Sunday morning, came into the bedroom and wanted to make my hair look nice. Half a sleep, I said okay. He pulled my fringe quite hard and it made me yelp. I opened my eyes and he was standing there with the kitchen scissors in his hand. Thank goodness they had the safety catch on !


  • My uncle when he was a youngster once found a anti tank mine while fishing with his dad. Being a sensible kid he hide it in his bag and took it home without my grandad noticing after jumping on it a few times to see what would happen him and his mates decided to throw rocks at it. Luckily a teacher spotted them and phoned the police. After a brief inspection by the bomb squad it was set off in a controlled explosion on the school sand pit.

    He became a hero from all the other kids at the school as they got the day off.

  • my son (who was 6 years old at the time) on the way to a fireworks display yawned and my dad asked him (we were in the back of their car) "you tired?" to which my son replied "yes i was up all night, mummy was making noises" which was then followed by my son recreating what could only be described as a scene from when harry met sally in the back of the car. image 

    My dad then said (laughing) "why dont you just cover your ears and go to sleep?" 

    my son replied "because it goes on or HOURS!!!"

    to which my mum replied "lucky mummy"

    ii didnt know if i should laugh, cry, be smug or was not too awkward since my parents were laughing so much, it was just funny.

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