Low arch Blisters.... Help!

Hii Can anyone help, I'm now on my 2nd pair of shoes 'for people with low arch' I.e flat footed, and I've been getting blisters in almost identical places on each foot, right under the arch. I just completed a 5 mile run this morning and it was agony.. The shoes were fitted specifically for flat low arches and they are the worst thing ever.. I've had this problem now for over a year, thinking the skin will harden or the shoes will give but let's face it, when you spend ??100 on new shoes you want them to feel great and be excited about running.. The shop won't take them back as they've been used and I don't have the receipt. Any advice for how I can stop this happening, i've tried compede, and plasters... Thanks


  • why did you buy the same trainers if they gave you blisters before?

    clearly they are not right for you, i would stop wearing them and take advice about an alternative pair. Were they sold as shoes to support your arch?

  • Hi - sorry I didn't get the same trainers, I had asiccs before which caused blisters and now have new Nike lunar, specifically for low arches apparently.

    Think I will pop into another running shop and get some further advice..

  • Ah i see.

    as a matter of interest have you done the 'wet foot' test for yourself to see if you have low arches?
    Do the shoes themselves have a high arch support or a low arch support and what did the shop say they would do for you?
    just because you have low arches does not necessarily mean that they are causing a problem, so you would be wise to get a gait analysis done properly, using video which should be able to be done in a good running shop.

  • I suffered on and off with the same thing in a pair of neutral shoes being the Asic gel Nimbus range, I didnt like the 14's so switched to Brooks Ghost and so far im really pleased.

    I dont have low arches and my gait is slightly off on one side in that I over pronate.

    Ive read conflicting statements on arch blisters I think the key is that you need to understand why you are getting the arch blisters.  Sorry if that sounds stupid but by that I mean is it your gait or the shoes/innersole themselves etc.  Once you know then you can make a more informed decision as to the way forward.

    If I were you I would be getting a gait analysis done and take it from there.  Maybe get a couple done at a few stores and speak to them about your previous shoe choice and arch blisters.

    There are also such things as engo patches you can stick inside the shoe itself to ease friction and perhaps twin socks, body glide etc etc.

    good luck.

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