Shin Splints/Tibial Tendonitis

Basically I have been out of running for 6 weeks now, and have had multiple (10) trips to the physio, but my tibial tendonitis does not seem to be getting better. When I run I get no pain, but after I finish my run I get pain all down the insides of my shin, and the exercises my physio gives me arnt seen to be working. I regularly ice when in pain and wear compression socks often if this info helps, any advice as I want to be fit by January so i can start training for track season Thanks


  • I'm having a similar problem. Don't wish to worry you but I've been out since April! However, let that scare you into 1) stopping training 2) getting as much help as you can 3) cross training in the pool only. I wish I'd followed that advice sooner.

    What exercises have the physio given you?

    How old are you? 

    Are you doing any other training i.e. cycling? 

  • She has given me strengthening exercises for my calves and frets, like calf raises, lunges whilst on my toes and stuff like that.

    I am 16

    And yes I do lots of biking and swimming to make up for a lack of running

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