Slendertone (and similar) ab belts

Are these worth it? I have read many reviews on sites that sell them but expect most of the reviews are written by the company that make them to make people purchase. Am I being paranoid? Are they any good? Are they the new electric can opener and be found at every carboot in 2013?




  • MillsyMillsy ✭✭✭
    Save your money and

    Eat less and exercise more there are no shortcuts.
  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    Millsy1977 wrote (see)
    Save your money and
    Eat less and exercise more there are no shortcuts.

    What he said...

  • I have some miracle pills you can use, they are very expensive but I'm prepared to sell, and to avoid any problems they are disguised as Aspirin.

  • They're a waste of money.

    abs are 90% diet. you need 12% or less bodyfat to see them. Eat healthily, control your calorie intake and exercise.

    To develop the muscles do crunches.

  • The King of Fife wrote (see)

     you need 12% or less bodyfat to see them.

    Or really clever lighting.  Mine always look better in the gym!

  • I haven't used it for ages now, but I have one of the ones with wires and pads you can stick on whatever bits you want to work. Instead of the 130 quid it should have cost new, I got it for a tenner on eBay. They won't make you thinner or give you more defined muscles and they're not a magic shortcut but they can be useful for rehab and strengthening. And for 'lazy' workouts. Ahem...

    When I was working really long hours and was sleep deprived and short of time, I often used to skip my usual ab routine and instead go for an hours sleep with the pads stuck on and the machine turned up quite high. I got very good at sleeping through a thousand electrical crunches and it definitely did improve the strength of my abs.

  • I have one and haven't used it for ages but I found with a lot of use it did make a small difference but once I stopped using it the difference quickly disappeared! 


    I agree with the above, eat better and exercise more and spend the money on something you will actually enjoy! image

  • what are you expecting it to do?

  • David White 35 wrote (see)

    what are you expecting it to do?

    It won't give you abs like the folks on the box that is for sure!!!image

  • They're stupid.  30 minutes with ST is the same as x crunches,which will only take 10 minutes.  Anyone who buys one thinking they'll end up with attractive abs. is a tool.

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