Talkback: RW Coach Marathon Training Guide out today


If I purchase the book is there anything in it that would benifit me? I have Meniere's Disease and Fibromyalgia, last Christmas I was just under the 20 stone mark, now I am just under the 15 st and intend to lose more.

 But I am not a runner,I'm a walker. Not a trekker or rambler, I walk on paved surfaces, and I walk at under 4mph so from what I read in Runner's World I glean the fact that I would not be allowed to enter a half or full marathon race. My local running club says this is because they can not expect the those manning feed stations, first aid posts and the finish line to wait up for me and other like me.  Is there somewhere out there anyone who offers advice for walkers like me, e.g. training nutrition and races?image 


  • MinniMinni ✭✭✭

    Moonwalks take place in London and Edinburgh and are full marathon distances for walkers (I think they also do the HM distance and have recently introduced the ultra).   I have some friends who do them and since the first one they have become quite competitive.  I'm sure there will be information and forums linked to them to give advice on training etc.

    Well done on the weight loss! image

  • Oh I wish it was available in more places.  I work out of town, so its not that easy to get to Smiths, maybe I will have to put it on the Christmas list.  I don't want to order it online as I would like to have a quick look through first
  • This book is not available on the WHSmiths website or instore in Cardiff. I asked the staff to seach for it and they said that if it's not on their website it's not available. How can I get a copy of this to supliment my first marathon in April?
  • Also cannot find this online or in store in Bournemouth, I've even checked waterstones and amazon to no joy.  Has anyone managed to get there hands on this?? and if so, how?
  • I saw this at the motorway service station WH Smiths and thought id buy it at the next stop as I was still reading through Running Fitness. I didn't see it again. Any one, had any luck tracking them down ?

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