What are 'good' PB's for club runners?



  • when i was 20 years younger, I'd regularly do 50mins for 10mile training runs whilst smoking a pipe and singing "gotta get up, got to feel good"

    These whipper snappers don't know how pathetically mediocre they are these days. Grump grump.

  • Well I can beat that. I joined a club 6 weeks ago and have already set club records over 4 distances. Not only that, I am running 2 minutes a mile slower than I was back in the 80's and back then I was not considered a fast runner.

    This is what I tell them when standing outside the pub and it is true.

    ( I could also maybe tell them that I am the only one in my age category there but I dont think they would fully understand running age categories and I dont want to confuse them.)



  • Derek, I did a 10miler the other week, and was slightly shocked to be beaten by a 60+.

    He did run sub 57 though image

  • well i did google (eventually) the fella in question as was suggested earlier in the thread and it appears his claims may be correct. i didn't find all of his pb times as only looked down the first 5-6 links but he has a very recent sub 56min 10M  and a park run of 16:01. Given he said he has slowed down a bit in recent years his times are 'probably' legit.

  • image Yay! I was right. A speedy bugger, not a big fibber.
  • What's a good PB for a non-club runner?  Are they different?


  • Non club runners can easily be very good too, but there's not that many of them. Very hard to judge.

    Its just at the moment, today's 'good club runners' have times that would have been average / good 15 years ago. It may change again...

  • I think the only good PB is the one you are happy with, if there is such a thing image

  • Bit of an ignorant question, but what was the prevalence of PEDs in endurance running / athletics at national competition levels and below in the 1980s?  Not saying everyone was on drugs, but a fair few people on it would force a great lot of other competitors to completely smash themselves in order to keep up, so the whole level of competition gets raised.

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