Madrid Marathon 2013

Anyone in or considering this one?

Would not be my first choice of European events but wifey has a say in the destination so this is looking like my second race! A bit of variety and all that :0)


  • Jake- I did it as my first mara last year.  I loved it but it is a tad hilly (mainly the last 6m image) and it can get hot in April. Good luck with it.image

  • Thanks for the feedback, Brolish image

    We moved to Ibiza Sept this year and got used to running in the heat, although Madrid in April will be warmer than here. The last 6m, just where you really want the hills image


  • Lol... yeah.  Not idealimage.

  • Hi Jake,

    I am doing it this year and looking forward to it but am worried about the heat. 2 years ago I did Paris and it reached 25C and it was just awayyyy to hot, although I did finish and enjoyed getting another one under the built


  • I'm doing it, it's my first marathon so assuming I finish it'll be my PB image

    Looking at the profile there aren't many flat bits, it's all up or down. And as has been pointed out, the weather at the end of April can be (relatively) hot, nowhere near summer levels of course but warm enough.


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