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Hey guys its probably been disscused before but Im intrigued about the Article in this months edition of the magazine on Robert Garside. Hes a Guiness World Record holder for running around the world. this is the first Ive heard of him its is a incredable achievement yet he has had a lot of suspicion by his peers whether hes a fraud. Has anyone read about him before? I think it must be awful for him to have achieved something like that and not had the recognition he deserves for it. 


  • I remember reading about him at the time of his run. There were numerous runners in America who wanted to run with him as he passed through their area. Somehow, he managed to miss all these requests all the way across the US, they even asked him, on his website at the time, where he would be, so they could meet up. Then he finished his run across the US without meeting or seeing anyone not only in the US though, but other than the girl he met in Australia, no one else saw him(?) - quite an achievement in itself. So did he do it? well he had plenty of options to validate himself - but he always had a reason not to - at the least its a questionable record i think personally.

  • No one else saw him? Well, that's not quite what the article said. From reading it the overall impression I got was that Garside had been the victim of a vindictive person who devoted a much more than reasonable amount of his time to discrediting the run. Although Garside did have a n unfortunate hint of Donald Crowhurst about him I suppose...

    Maybe he just didn't want to run with any of the people who wanted to run with him.
  • Well the Guinness people checked it out so I suppose they know more than most.

    He doesnt seem to help himself with some of his plans though -

    How could that work ? Basically towing a boat behind him as he swims ?
  • wow thats some effort to do that!

  • If you think that's impressive, check out Team Hoyt. Father runs marathons pushing his disabled adult son in a wheelchair and - unbelievably - also does Ironmans towing his son behind him in an adapted dinghy on the swim section. They've done the Boston Marathon something like 30 times and I bet they qualified just the same as everyone else as their marathon PB is 2:40 and their Ironman PB is less than 14 hours...


  • Thats right, on running across the US section, there were no independent witnesses to his run.

    At the time i used to read Garside's website and entries (no such thing as a blog then) and i was, and still do subscribe to the DRS - the dead runners society. Every day on his run across the states, members of the DRS offered to run with Garside whenever, he wanted - every day there was an excuse from Garside as to why he couldnt meet them - he took a different route due to flooding, land slip, road works etc - or he had set off early that day and they had missed him, a number of times they would drive his route, but they couldnt fine him - then he is suddenly in New York for the flight to Europe. I agree he may not have wanted to run with them, but if I or, i think anyone had done this feat, you would want to shout it from the rooftops and tell/see everyone - you would want to write a book about the adventure, get media coverage, get the rights to a film etc etc - but no, as the article says - he would not answer his phone, ignore his emails etc.

    if you had the time and the inclination, the DRS archives are searchable, maybe the author of the article should have looked in there for research purposes.

    yes, apparently guiness have recognised his achievement, but i cant find the entry anywhere in either the book or online versions.

    also, it wasnt only Blakie who was questioning him its just that blakie had a very large ultrarunning website so had a bit of a louder voice. There were lots in the running community at the time, and the media who wanted more evidence from Garside

    So i wish Garside all the luck in his round the world swim, no doubt he will make sure that it is well proven.


  • Interesting...   I didn't know about this Garside guy...   but..  right now, an Aussie, Tom Denniss is running around the world and not taking the shortest route either..   he is totally GPS trackable and has a brilliant twitter feed and web site..:’s-this-‘tom’-guy/

    In terms of miles, he is over half way now..  

    Tom Denniss is self-funded and has his wife and daughter on the road too..  loads of proof that he is actually out there day after day..

    Remarkable..  image


  • Ill take a look at that Dark Vader! 

    Some interesting points you raised Robert like you say if you were doing something you would want people to see it, would love to read alot more about it all!

    run with dogs- I seen a clip of Team Hoyt on youtube very very inspirational and incredibly fit and couragous! I actually watched it a few times when I was training for my first ever run The Great North Run and kept thinking surely if this bloke can achieve Ironman etc whilst supporting his son I can complete a little run round the streets!!!

    Some incredible people out there its a shame you only here about a few now and again!! 

  • Incredable toms next step isnt it 'Dark' ive been reading is blog on facebook each day 50km a day hes going great!

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