Hi everyone,

Straight to the point, love this running milarky, haven't felt so good in ages, but one thing is getting me down....the more I run the hungrier I get. I could eat all day if I let myself and that's obviously not the best idea.

Any suggestions / tips would be appreciated !



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  • Keep fruit, raw carrots, etc. to hand so that you can snack on them.  Oatcakes are quite good too.

    If you feel hungry but don't have any food to hand, have a cup of tea (just filling your stomach will help for a while).

  • There isn't an obvious correlation between the amount of physical activity a person does and the hunger they experience, so are you actually hungry, or do you just want food/feel like you've earned it/etc.?

    Liquids are great for promoting a feeling of fullness, so make sure you drink regularly. Protein and fibre rich foods are also satisfying, so including both in you diet can help with feelings of hunger/increased appetite. Chewing gum is also quite useful, as it gives cues to the brain that you're eating, without actually having to eat anything image

  • There might not be an obvious correlation scientifically, but many overweight runners (who no doubt eat too much already and therefore don't have that "stop eating" mechanism) say they feel hungrier when starting exercise. I know I did, and despite being overweight, yes it was genuine hunger, where as before I exercised I never felt hungry, because I never let myself get to that point. So maybe it's the body being so used to being a certain weight that when you exercise it panicks and triggers the hunger feeling, even though technically you're probably still satiated with an abundance of calories for your activity level?

  • little and often is what ive always been told, every couple of hours have a snack.

  • Hi Sharon,

    I add a bit more protein to my meals as I find it fills me up more. (For instance, I'll have 2 portions of fish instead of 1 after a long or particularly hard run). I also find tuna mayo (without the bread) pretty good as a kunchtime snack - but I'm a bit mad about fish! image

    Hope this helps.

  • Hi sharon,

    It depends on how much you are running, but sounds like you should certainly upping your calorie intake!

    There are various foods you can eat which will make you fuller for longer. Really depends when you are getting your cravings. Eggs for breakfast are great for satiating hunger, and should help you last until lunch!
  • Try eating low GI foods to cover the hunger feelings. Google for some options.

    Porridge, brown rice, wholewheat things. Add some protein as suggested above, chicken, fish, steak. Then for extras as much veg with it & fruit after, aim for as many colours as possible to get a range.

    Try to drink 1.5 - 2 litres of water a day also, try having a glass rather than snacking, then if you must have fruit, cereal bar, nuts, dried fruit to resist other temptations.

    Steer clear of white bread, can eat tons of hot buttered toast if not careful.. Just doesn't fill you up though.

    Friday, Offered a choice of pizza baked spud & some veg, or steak, tons of veg & potato, very easy choice based on the above criteria. Also try boiled, new potatoes or sweet potato in as alternative.
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