ultra training plan

I've done 5 road marathons, so my training plans for these are set and work well for me. I'm planning on doing my first Ultra (33 miles) on coastal paths (trails, grass etc).

How should I adapt my road marathon training plan for this event?


  • You can use the same plan just try and run on the same surface at least some of the time to get used to it. Perhaps your longest run a bit longer than a marathon or enter a marathon as a training run but don't race it. I've done road & trail ultra and no of runs per week and mileage are pretty similar in training. Run locations vary. Depending where coastal path is perhaps more hill training.
    Not a CTS ultra by any chance?

  • Thanks jeremy

    Yes, I was thinking about doing my long runs off-road and all the other runs on road as usual....or doing back-to-back runs at the weekend-first on-road, the second off-road perhaps.

    So I don't need to do all my runs off-road, do I?

    Yes it is a CTS

  • No need not be all off road as harder to do tempo or intervals on trails. I am doing CTS South Devon, don't know which you are doing but I'd definitely try and run some of the course esp if it is Devon or Dorset. Failing that find some muddy steep hills to practise on!

  • It's the new one-North Yorkshire Moors.

    When you say try run some of the course -is that so you get to know where to go, or to get to know the terrain?

  • Always helps to know where to go esp trail ultras as the course marking is sparser and you may be running on your own for large parts. Cuts down on navigation time but if your not aiming for a time it's not critical. Getting to know the terrain is useful too so if it is not local then you can find similar to train on. Then again it's only 33 so you can't go too far wrong! (Mind you on my last 2 I had a few unplanned detours but it's part of the fun!)

  • definitely do your long run off road............image

  • I'd definitely check out the terrain first - a hilly 33 is a lot harder than a flat 33.

  • There are plenty of hills off-road around here where I live, so no problem with that. I asked the organisers about the need for navigation and they replied it was unnecessarry as the route was marked.

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