Run to the Castle 2013

Who fancies a little 40 miler up the Welsh Coast next August?? Starting in Aberdovey.

New for 2013.


  • Ran the course a couple of weeks ago. It was amazing scenery!! 

  • Bumping this up, anyone doing it?
  • There's about 43 people on the entry list so far Loz.  Going down on Sunday to run some more of it!

  • Looks good!
  • You coming along? And its bank holiday so can have a few days R&R on the Welsh Coast.


  • Is this the only Ultra in the UK where you get to run through a nudist beach??

  • Are you running it Loz?

  • I just signed up for this, anyone done it before

  • I'm in-signed up last nightimage

  • A nudist Wales..thud!! Right then, anyone reassure me that this is easy to follow? Not liking the kit list mentioning a compass!!

  • image


    hta...what's the terrain like-you seem to have good knowledge of the course.last minute entry but have no time to recce.Any advice appreciateed





  • It's my first ultra. Well excited. Still lacking a compass though... Surely should be ok if u just keep the sea on your left?!!

  • I won't be taking a compass but there will be people all the way I guess, I will be taking my phone which has a compass download so I'm told, not that I know how to use one. Best advice above, keep sea to the left,

  • My first ultra too apart from solo Thunder Run! Have compass, hope not to have to use it though. Instructions very comprehensive which worries me a bit, does this mean there is much room for errorimage

  • funny enough looking at the race last night, not far for me im from neath lol looks like im in,got born to run 40 miler in march as wellimage

  • Running man - the compass appears to be mandatory - probably best to pick one up, would be a shame to DNS for the sake of £5....image

  • GeeeMGeeeM ✭✭✭

    Hello all - the Wales Coast Path is dead easy to follow, you shouldn't have any problems navigating, (keep the sea on your left is a good start!)

    One big hill around Barmouth, I make it around 1,500' ascent over 40 miles which is nothing,(each lap at TR24 was 500') - the Garmin route shown on the website isn't accurate, (elevation correction is disabled)

    There seems to be a lot of beach sections, so hopefully the sand is relatively hard-packed. I'll be in trail shoes but Denzil has said that trail or road would be OK!

    Running Man - I have a spare compass I can loan you, I think you're staying at the Tywyn campsite, (Pall Mall) - I'll try to remember to chuck it in the car before I leave.

    See you all tomorrow, (or tonight if you're camping @ Tywyn!)

     Oh - and in case you haven't seen the Facebook updates, you might need £1 for the toll bridge @ Barmouth image

  • Was great to meet you at last GeeeM!

  • It was fabulous. Can't wait for the results! I reckon I was 44th or thereabouts. What a thrill! I did TR24 too. Only 3 laps though.

  • GeeeMGeeeM ✭✭✭

    Hi brer - yes, nice to put a face to a name! While I didn't particularly enjoy the course, (too flat, and too much tarmac) I did have a great day out with a fantastic bunch of people... image

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