Women's loose fitting running trouser things - with pocket

Question for the ladies (or men who shop for their partners, or cross-dressers etc):

Christmas is coming so: can anoyone recommend women's running trousers that aren't clingy and that go below the knees?

If they have a pocket so much the better.



  • you are better off with clingy lycra to avoid chaffing, I have some nike running tights that I like

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭

    Have a look at Sweaty Betty website, they do an easy run pant and capri... with pockets! However they are not cheap.. ! (Good quality stuff though)

  • mathschick: clingy lycra isn't her thing. She has one pair of trouser things from John Lewis and I was trygin to find ismilar.

    jefn:thanks, will check it out.

  • There are usually a number of pairs of trousers like this on the rails in TKMaxx - "active wear" rather than specifically "running", but may be worth a look?

  • Would Ron Hill tracksters in the ladies' fit do the job? They're not tights but they're not loose and flappy.

  • Ron Hill are good, i have a pair for winter running. Not as tight as lycra but close fitting enough not to flap about etc.
    they have a nice roomy pocket.
    I have the ones without underfoot stirrups, but sorry can't remember the name of them! image

  • Sorry, thought I'd replied to this. Thanks to all for suggestions - much appreciated.


  • I have a few pairs of looser running capris. I buy mine from the highstreet intersport - Nike, Adidas, Ronhill. They fit snuggly around the bum but are loose otherwise.

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