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Hi everyone, I'm a bit of a noobie at running, started up about 5 months ago. I'm currently in the process of joining up to the British parachute regiment, and trying to get to the level of fitness they require me to be. At my pre-selection I got a time of 10.08 for my 1.5 mile run which is half a minute what it needs to be, but I scraped a pass. Basically I was wandering if its possible to drop that time to 9.30 in 8 weeks ( when my actual selection is ) and the best way of getting there. Any advice would be amazing, thank you image


  • Don't do all your runs flat out for a start.

    Normally the advice is not to start any kind of speed work in the first few months and get some mileage into your legs. So increase the distance of one of your runs by about half a mile a week and aim to get up to 6miles but run these 'longish' runs fairly slowly.

    One of your sessions try intervals. Basically run 400m in around 1:30 then rest for a minute and repeat. do 6-8 repeats.

    Good luck.

  • Follow TimR's advice!

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Have a search through the forum - this is a fairly frequently asked question (if you search for 1.5mile you'll get loads of results).

    The best advice I've seen given is not to concentrate on the 1.5 miles, as by getting to a level of fitness where you can comfortably complete 5 miles you will (a) improve your 1.5 mile time and (b) prepare you for basic training - as you'll be going much further than 1.5 miles if you are successful.

  • Thank you for the responses, at the moment I am training with two 5 mile runs a week with two hill sprints, which is slowly bringing my overval min/mile down. Taken TimR advice and went training down my local track, which pooed me out lol. Hopefully I can get to my goal in time.
  • Luke,

    Some good advice already been given. I would agree that you should not just run hard on short runs, but build up your mileage and stamina by doing some 5/6 milers.

    You might want to add in some strength conditioning by doing some deadlifts/squats which will add power to your runs.

    All the best.
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