Numbness in feet

Hi all, I have recently started to get serious about running, doing minimum 3 times a week aiming for 3 miles a time.

since running on concrete doing my 3 mile runs I have been experiancing numbing feet which starts around the toe area and then spreads to the whole foot eventually and is causing alot of discomfort when running as its almost like im running on a stump, I also experiance a tight swelling feeling around the bottom of my shins/ round the back to my calfs, but quite low to just above my ankles.

Last month I purchased a pair of aasics nimbus 15, which I had been assessed for in the sweatshop, and they seem to be generally comfortable.

on occasion i can get some lower back pain, but lately this does not even seem to be an issue.

I do not use sports socks, nor do I have any additional inner soles as suggested by the sweatshop for 45 pounds.


any help on this subject would be greatly appreciated, as I feel like most of my issues about pushing myself to do more miles is with my feet/lower legs and its becoming frustrating.




I thought id add some information about myself that might be helpful.


Im 25, weight is around 80-85kg, im 5ft10 and my body is of a muscular/stocky type, I am a generally fit person, however when I was 16 years old I shattered my right kneecap which resulted in having wires, however I have not really encountered any issues with this and have been generally active since.

one thing I can note is my muscle definition appears to be better in my left leg than in my right, maybe this is causing a balance issue.



ps. sorry for long thread.


  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    The foot numbness, as it is on both sides, is most likely due to having your shoes laced too tightly - try puuting the laces through fewer/different holes.

    The relative muscle wasting in your right leg is probably related to your previous patellar fracture. If you don't have pain there it may not be an issue, but perhaps seeing a physio would help.

    Hindfoot/lower calf tightness might indicate you need to stretch out your calves a bit - again, a physio might help.

    You're young and only slightly overweight (if 85kg), so are unlikely to come unstuck if you just press on. 

    So - keep it up and report back in 4 weeks.

  • Hello thanks for your reply,

    I will try your advice with the laces , yes although visually I do not appear to be fat/overweight , I could probably benefit from losing 5kg.

    Would you recommend compression sport socks? And if so any particularly type/brand?

    Would you recommend being custom fit for inner soles that the sweatshop have or do any other stores provide any better inner soles?

    Again thanks for your quick reply,

  • joddlyjoddly ✭✭✭

    Hi, I can't make any useful recommendations. I'm a bit of a cynic when it comes to orthoses - they definintely have a role, but I think a lot of people are conned into buying orthotocs when they have a perfectly normal range of pronation (noticeable pronation doesn't = abnormal).

    No idea about compression stuff either - if you feel a tight feeling only when you're running, then compression will probably make it worse. If it's afterwards (ie when your calf muscle "pump", which helps the blood go back towards your heart, is less active), then it may help.

    I'm going to have to sign off now or I might need to charge you image !

  • Numbness in the feet seems to affect quite a number of people on here. I have suffered with this for years and have tried everything to get rid of it from different trainers, socks, lacing methods, laces, insoles, running on toes basically everything I can think of. I still suffer from it but found Hilly range of socks best for me.

    I now just run through it and don't really notice it when it starts around 3 mile mark. It does wear off and wiggling your toes whilst still on the move speeds this up.

    Don't let this stop you running as my doctor doesn't seem to think it is anything that will have lasting damage And he runs marathons but some others have put it down to sciatica I think!!

    Good luck with it.
  • Yeah it gets really hard to run through it it's like in running on stumps , I have to stop and within about a minute or so the feeling returns to my feet , I'm

    Going to try running with the laces in alternating holes and loosen them a bit and see how that does me.

    I will also check out the hilly socks , cheers .
  • Hi Michael

    I had the same problem the stump you are feeling in your feet is metetarsal pain and the numbness I think is starting from this. I started running in nimbus and now have changed to asics kayano with an insole ironman replacement insoles maximum athletic ??10.99 You can find these on natterjack running website they are fantastic I think that possibly you are over pronating and this is why your calfs are tight

    I would start by trying the insoles in your nimbus change socks I spent a fortune on socks to find the right one I now use nike no padding and no friction I would also change the lacing until you find what is best for you

    I would also go to see a physio I went to see a personal trainer and she noticed that my right hip and inner thigh was tight I have been working on this and now my problems have been resolved I nearly gave up running as I was in pain with the stump feeling and the numbness

    Keep positive and good luck, I am no expert but this what worked for me.
  • Update!

    Just ran my best run , 7 miles, 


    I had the numb feet at about mile 3 until about mile 5, I was able to carry on running through this, and like MAGIC, the numbness everntually subsided it was amazing to just phychologically overcome this, my advice to anyone, try what I did and just try to run through it, also what I did try is to wiggle my toes on my upstep, this seemed to prolong the numbess.


    SO happy about this run! thanks for help people, ill keep you updated!

  • oh and by the way, I laced up every other hole on my trainers , which seems to allow my feet to stay relatively loose. 

    Think that was a big help.

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