winter training- need some running trousers! any ideas?

i normally run in 3/4 lycra leggings but i've just been out and it was blooming freezing...had a few layers on my top half (long sleeved baselayer, jacket, buff etc) and a fleecy hat and gloves but didn't have anything more suitable for my bottom half. what do other ladies wear to keep warm?? (i'm quite short too which doesn't help- hence why i normally opt for 3/4 length!)


  • You need a pair of winter or thermal running tights.  They are fleecy backed so they keep the legs warmer.  Still cold till you get going but then fine.  If it is really cold (like -5 or something) then I put a pair of shorts on over the top as my bum tends to get cold.

  • Man, are you a boxer trying to make the weight for a fight? You must come back from a run about 2 stone lighter if you run in all that gear!

    Shorts all year is the only sensible way to go!

  • jenfjenf ✭✭✭
    I put a pair of icebreaker boxers under my normal Lyra leggings, a longsleeved top, hat n gloves.... and run a bit faster!
  • fiona- that sounds perfect. any recommendations on a particularly good brand?


    exiledclaret...haha that made me laugh image i get cold really easily and can never get warm again once i'm cold image

    jenf- interesting you say that- i ran WAY faster last night than normal!

  • Fiona J wrote (see)

    You need a pair of winter or thermal running tights.  They are fleecy backed so they keep the legs warmer.  .

    If you get some from a cycling shop, you'll be able to get them as 'bib-tights', that have a section up the back & (essentially) braces over the shoulders, thus negating an elastic, or tied waist-string

    Plus, the thermal fabric is also called 'Roubaix' (pronounced; 'Roo-bay')

  • thanks...will have a look! image

  • Digger: another option is lightweight windproof trousers (I like the Montane Featherlight) over your capris or Skins or whatever - they keep off the wind, and light rain, and if you do warm up too much you can take them off over your running shoes and stuff them in a waistpack or a jacket pocket or even tie them around your waist. They pack up really small (think apple), they have zips on the bottom of the legs so they're easy to get on/off over running shoes, and three bits of velcro so they're snug round your ankles and calves once on, not billowing everywhere

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