i am currently 5 months pregnant, and i am due in feb 13th,previously i had been running 25miles a week, and i intend to start back after the baby, i have set my goal being the great north run. But i will only have 5 month to train. Is there anyone who has been pregnant and started training so i could get some advice. thanks


  • Congratulations!Is this your first baby? Because it is difficult to know how first time motherhood will affect you. Also you don't know how quickly you will recover after the birth. Obviously if you need a c-section then you wont be able to get straight back to training. Are you planning to breast feed? because that takes a lot of energy and is a big tie for at least the first 4 months. Do you have someone to look after the baby while running or are you going to get a buggy and take the baby with you?
    Lots to think about. But I'm sure you can do it. Its good to have something to think about and look forward to other than nappies and feeds. Just take it easy and be prepared to be flexible about your schedule. Don't set your sights on a pb.
    Also, unless there are medical reasons not to, you could still do some gentle running at this stage of pregnancy and possibly longer. Good luck.
  • New girl OTB,
    Congratulations! I hope everything goes well for you! My friend is also pregnant (32 weeks) and found she cannot run at the moment, however she does use the free runner machine in the gym to keep herself in shape.
  • Congratulations on the baby.

    Wow, I wish I had done your mileage before I had my kids, won't make plodding 3 miles so hard now!!!
  • Hi NGOTB,

    Like you I continued to run whilst pregnant, stopped at around 7 months when it became too uncomfortable. It then took me several years to get back into consistent training! Did enough to keep reasonably fit and sane. A lot will depend on your other commitments, will you be working full time whilst breast feeding? I did and don't regret it but it obviously means there's less time for things like running.

    Be prepared to be flexible and to be so besotted with your baby that you want to spend as much time as possible with him or her. Running may become less important for a while in which case do it for fun without the pressure of times and distances.
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