When to run again after flu type virus?

So, I've had this virus for just over a week now.  It's a fluey thing with fever, aching body, completely wiped out etc. alongside vile snottiness and sore throat.  I was laid up in bed for 3-4 days with a fever and have been feeling gradually better over the last couple of days, although I'm still snotty / knackered.  I missed a 10k race last Sunday which would have been absolutely impossible as I was sweating in bed. I'm quite tempted to go out for a quick 30-40 minute run tomorrow but don't want to bugger meself up.  I don't tend to get ill often at all and the last time I had any time off work (other than for the kids) was 3.5 years ago  with glandular fever. So this has been a bit of a shock to the system and I'm not sure about whether to run or not. Thoughts please?


  • It sounds as if you are still unwell really . How is the resting heart rate ? if its still elevated I would leave it.if its normal just go for easy 20 - 30 mins and see how you feel . Thats what I would do anyway.

  • If you have fever or aches and pains DO NOT RUN!  Lost count how many times I've posted this over the years, but if you have a head cold you are ok to run. If you have flu or other illnesses,  a definite no-no, you run the risk of an inflammation of the heart muscles which can lead to you never being able to exercise again or at worst, even death. I knew a very fit 25-year old in the Marines who ran 10km when he had not recovered properly from flu, and he dropped dead 30 mins after getting home from his run. I also know of  5 others who are unable to run at all any more after running when unfit. PLEASE don't do it! Rememebr the rule - symptoms above the neck, you can run, symptoms below, don't.

  • Thanks Ironwolf.  I am being a numpty.  I still have aches and pains and a really sore throat- I've woken up today with no voice.  Hubby told me this morning he'd divorce me if I went out running so I think I'll give it a miss until I'm betterimage

  • +1 with IW

    post-viral myocarditis is a serious condition and in young adults, causes up to 20% of all cases of sudden death.  and like IW I know someone who died after developing it - he was 32 and dropped dead shortly after a game of football having had flu the week before.

    give yourself at least a week after the symptoms have subsided before starting to run again

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