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I recently ran the Dublin marathon, I trained for 5 months and during the last couple of months of training I developed pain in the top sof both feet solely when getting out of bed in the morning, it was more like stiffness, and would soon go away once I got moving. I didn't have any pain when I was running. It's 3 weeks since the marathon, and I still have the foot pain, now it is not only in the morning but also anytime I have my feet elevated ie. lying on the sofa. It's general stiffness and intital pain which then goes away once I am moving, again no pain or soreness during or after runs. I have no idea what this is, and whether I should go and get it checked out? Any ideas or experience with similar?


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    Sounds a little mysterious, but I suspect you've inflamed the tendons running along the top of the feet, e.g. extensor hallucis longus which travels from above the big toe joint. This is often caused by doing up your shoe laces too tightly, or something rubbing on the top of the shoe.  I've had something similar but it certainly used to start hurting towards the end of long runs

    Would suggest having it checked out by a sports injury therapist.

  • I am an older lady who regularly works out at the gym and walk every day.  The top of my foot started to hurt slightly whilst walking.  I  saw a podiatrist who made some inserts for my shoes and said I should purchase these expensive more sturdy trainers.  Instead of getting better, the bone on top of my foot near the left instep has become bony and very painful, there is no improvement.  Have you any advice?

  • Patricia, this is going to sound REALLY basic, but: have you tried loosening your laces? Actually by now I suspect you may be getting a hyperalgesia (slight pain becomes more pain) or allodynia (other sensation such as pressure is felt as pain) problem. I suggest trying (a) loosening your laces over the pressure point; (b) get some chiropodist's felt and some micropore. Cut a piece of the felt to give yourself a hole over the painful bit, with a surrounding piece of felt - maybe 3/4 inch to 1 inch of felt around the hole. Use the micropore to stick this to your foot, wth the hole over the bony, painful bit (so it's protected from pressure). I suggest using micropore because you can then keep using the same bit of felt day after day. Worked for me! Good luck!

  • Hello Debra,  Thankyou so much for replying to my problem.  I have kept loosening my laces, but I must admit I haven't tried the padding. I am limping with pain now, so I am certainly going to try your method. I appreciate your help very much.  Kind regards.

  • Try elastic laces, they use them for triathlon. That way they give but the she wont flop.
  • T hankyou Muzza, will try this.  I am willing to try anything to get rid of this pain.  The bone is quite enlarged. Kind regards.

  • Patricia, I had a problem a while back that sounds really similar to yours. I did what I suggest above .Also, because I was worried it might be a strain of inter-tarsal bone ligaments, having put the felt on I then wrapped around the foot with tape - so the tape provided support, while the padding ensured there was no direct pressure on the enlarged bony bit. Good luck!

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    Patricia H - are they sort of bony growths on top of the metatarsals?  I don't know what they're called but they sometimes develop in random positions and don't seem to go away.  I don't think they become really troublesome but you will have to see to it that nothing tight rubs across them.


    The other sort of pain is tendonitis that I was referring to and is helped by, yes, loosening your laces and easing off on the training for a while.

  • I'm paranoid with foot pain - I had top of foot pain that I ignored and it ended up being a stress fracture! The pain developed into severe top and bottom (ball of foot) pain however so I am not saying this is what it is but get it checked out - I'd avoid a GP, and see a physio if it continues.

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