Watch advise needed - confused re different pace options

I'm currently using the Nike plus GPS app on an iPhone and get on really well with this. However looking to get a GPS watch as I sometimes find wearing the phone a bit heavy on my arm. The must have features which I use on the app are: 1. Current running pace (minutes/seconds per mile) 2. Total distance covered and total time 3. Every 0.25 I am told what my average pace is for the total distance I have run so far. I like having average pace for the total distance rather than for specific splits as personally I find this easier when I am in a race to see if I am ahead or behind target. And I like having this info at regular intervals. Can I get all these features from a garmin watch like the 110? May seem like an obvious question to more experienced runners but after reading the rainmaker reviews I am really confused about what pace info is provided...!


  • I've got the Garmin FR60 which isn't GPS, it has a footpod.

    You can program training pages with three individual fields that update continuously. One of them is average pace so far. I suspect the GPS watches will be very similar.

    You can download the manuals from Garmin.
  • I think *most* of the Garmin GPS watches can show current pace, overall average pace, total time and total distance. I have the 405 and it lets you select what info you want to see (out of loads of options) and how you want it displayed. I have mine set up to show time, distance and pace on the first screen and time, heart rate and average pace on the second. I think I could have four screens each with 3 bits of data on them if I wanted. Also it can be set to either constantly scroll through the screens, or to only change screens when you tap it. Very clever.
  • Run with dogs - I also have a 405. I have set up all 4 screens to display what I want on each screen. As you say it can automatically scroll through this info which is great. However, I didn't realise you could set the watch to show more than one screen ? Can you please advise me how I set the 405 to do this. ?

  • Carter, how do you mean. You have 4 screens set up but you didnt realise how to show them?

    on 405 options are the menu at middle, you can switch off/ on screen 2 & 3 if that's what you mean. the auto scroll I find irritating, I just tap between the 2 screens I have set.

    Slowkoala, Garmin 110 doesn't have current pace, only lap pace. 210 does though.
  • Carter, I'm not sure what you mean. I have two screens set up and I swap between them by tapping the bezel. I can only see one of the two screens at any particular time. As far as I know, you can choose 12 different info options, but the max no. if options they can be displayed at any one time is three...
  • Gah. Big fingers and iPhone typing...

    ...max no. OF options THAT can be displayed...
  • Dogs - sorry, I dont think I've explained myself very well. Like you say, there are 4 screens each that can display 3 seperate bits of data. You say you can touch the bezel and swith between 2 of those screens. Is it possible to set up the watch so that it automatically scrolls through screen 1 then moves on to screen 2 then scrolls through that and then back to screen 1 and so on ?

  • You mean so that each bit of info is displayed on the screen on its own in big text? Well, you can set up your screens so that each displays just one data field, then you can scroll automatically through those. But then you'd only be getting four bits of info in total. I'm fairly sure you can't scroll through 12 bits of info one by one.

    I really hope that was what you were meaning. I think I'm explaining it really badly as well. I'm also a bit of a tech-dunce so it's fairly possible that I'm misunderstanding what the Garmin is/isn't actually capable of.... image
  • We are as bad as each other image (and I work in IT systems testing !!)

    Lets say on screen 1 I set up so it displays Pace, Average Pace and Time. At the moment I can automatically scroll through that screen and display all those data items on one loop. I then set up screen 2 for Speed, Average HR and Max HR. Could I set the watch so it automatically scrolls through Pace, Average Pace, Time, Speed, Average HR and Max HR  i.e. all 6 items over 2 screens ? Phew !

  • Thanks for all the advise, glad I'm not the only one baffled by the watches!! Run with dogs, Amazon are doing a good deal on the 410. I presume it offer the same pace functions as you 405, right?
  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Carterusm, you want to set the auto-scroll feature to ON.  This will then display screen 1 for a few seconds, then screen 2 for a few seconds, etc.


  • Carter: LOL! I think I was thinking you were thinking of something more complicated than I now think you were really thinking about. As stutyr says, auto-scroll: on in the settings menu. That takes you through each of your screens one by one, with whatever data fields you have set them up with.

    Koala: I think the 410 was the new version of the 405 so I'd assume it does pretty much the same stuff. Like FRC said, the most basic Garmin doesn't have the option to show instantaneous pace or speed but the others all do. So for the basic info you're wanting, I think any of them would suit you. Only other thing I would think about is battery life and how long you might be running for in longer races. My 405 was originally 8 hours but now at 3+ years old it struggles to get me round a 4:30 marathon, beeping low power at me from about the halfway mark. If you run a lot of marathons and aren't the fastest I'd maybe recommend going for a GPS with a 12 hour battery, just so when it starts to decline it'll still be good enough to get you round. If you mostly run shorter distances then that wouldn't really be a consideration though.
  • Hmm. I have auto-scroll ON but it only scrolls through the data fields on screen 1 (or whichever screen I have set it to) but it doesnt scroll on to screen 2, 3 or 4...bloomin thing !

  • I didn't actually think that was possible. Hence my non-comprehension of your question! So you have two screens set up, each with three data fields, and your watch scrolls through the three data fields on screen one but not through anything on screen two? So it shows each of the screen one data fields separately in big text? Weird... Though after nearly four years of ownership I still haven't figured out how to upload a workout or set mine to beep if I go too fast or too slow, so I'm probably not the best person to ask about techy matters!
  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Carter, that is weird.  I haven't enabled the auto-scroll, but the manual does say it "automatically cycle through all of the training data pages" rather than fields.  I think you'd need to ask Garmin directly about that one.

    Slowkoala, I had a look at the manual for the 110 and it is very basic functions where the pace setting isn't configurable.  So I'm not sure if it displays current pace (which isn't the best as it can fluctuate a lot) or over the whole run.  Assuming the 410 is the same as the 405 you can pick pace for total distance, current lap, current and previous lap.  So you could auto lap every 0.25 miles and show pace for total distance and current lap on the same screen, plus the stopwatch as the third display field.

    If you can get the 405 or 410 for a little bit more than the 110, it'll be worth it.  Looking on Amazone they have the 110 for £110 and the 405 for £130 - you get a lot of additional features for the extra £20  


  • Dogs - the last thing I need is for it to start beeping at me image

    Stutyr - I think you're right although it will end up being user error !
  • Thanks again for the recommendations. Stutyr, is it worth going for the 410 over the 405 as have heard the bezel is better? Run with dogs, the longest I have run is 14 miles but doing a marathon next year so battery life definitely worth considering. Don't currently use a HRM but may be a nice gadget to play with in the future and amazon offer it with the 410. Other option is the Nike gps watch as I'm used to the Nike website but everyone says that garmins are better.
  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Not sure about the improvements in the 410, as I have a 405CX (and only got the CX as it was cheaper than the standard 405 when I bought).  

    I've had a quick look on the DC Rainmaker web site and I think there's three things that would make the 410 a better buy than the 405:

    1. The Bezel is improved

    2. You get the "premium" heart rate strap thats more comfortable than the one supplied with the 405

    3. Its a current model, so any 405 you are buying is old stock that has probably been in a warehouse for a couple of years.    

    The bezel on the 405 is a bit fiddly, and I can understand why it irritates people.  However, I don't find it a huge problem - I just make sure I lock it when I'm raining, and accept that it won't be very responsive if my hands are really wet/sweaty. So the improved bezel on the 410 is a bonus. The other two benefits don't have a direct impact on the performance of the watch. 

    So the 410 is probably worth spending a little more on if you can afford it, but I wouldn't pay a lot more for it over the 405.

    TBH, I dont think you'll be diappointed with either model. 


  • mine definitely scrolls through the 2 pages I use - if set.

    405 is the original model. Dont buy it. Can come without a HR strap.

    405cx is still a good buy, and a lot better than the 210 IMO. Always comes with a HR strap.

    410 is better, but depends what you're paying.  405cx has been £125-130. 410 varies between £150-175 or more.

    runs with dogs, you need to set a pace alert workout on the 405.. messy and not as it was on previous garmins. Better to use the virtual partner function. This doesnt beep though.

  • Thanks FRC. I thought when I bought the 405 years ago that it would be simple but couldn't figure it out from the basic menu functions. I doubt I'll ever work it out now as I'm just waiting for the price to drop a bit to pick myself up a 910 - I also do triathlons and ultras and am slow enough I really need all the extra battery life I can get! I do sometimes use the virtual partner to pace myself but its not quite as useful as something that would beep fast/slow alerts at me.

    Koala: I'd agree not to get the 405. It's an old model now and the newer ones are most likely better. And yes, you might be buying 2008 stock that's been sitting around in a warehouse for 4 years. Though loads of people still buy 310s new and they're ancient now so maybe my reasoning on that is a bit duff...
  • yes, avoid the 405. it does have major problems with being too sensitive.

    405cx fine, 410 better.

    runs with dogs, I'm also looking at 910, also running ultras.

    managed 7.5 hour 35 miler with the 405cx though. and you can also connect a little battery pack, garmin will still record but charge.

    910 does look nice. no pace alerts still though, unless programmed.

    my old 201 does it just in the menus, high & low speed to beep at. 305 too as well.

  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Another way to get pace alerts is to use the Garmin-ready plans from this web site.

    Mind you, after using them, all I wanted to do was switch off the damn beeping image

  • yeah, they're just a programmed setup, same as I mentioned.

    Running with pace alert set, its more like say 1m x 13 at pace x-y, plus a bit at harder to configure.

    Also messes up the screens if you want to see other things or do a manual split

    current pace isn't 100% accurate hence why they took it for pace alerts.

  • Fit-Running-Cat wrote (see)
    runs with dogs, I'm also looking at 910, also running ultras.

    managed 7.5 hour 35 miler with the 405cx though. and you can also connect a little battery pack, garmin will still record but charge.

    910 does look nice. no pace alerts still though, unless programmed.

    my old 201 does it just in the menus, high & low speed to beep at. 305 too as well.

    Yes, I've been using a little battery pack with mine since the start of the year now. Well, actually since my first ultra which was 33 miles and at which my Garmin died at 5 hrs and 55 minutes, when I was less than a quarter of a mile from the finish line. Which really REALLY f**ked me off big time! I don't mind carrying the battery pack on ultras as I'll be wearing a little backpack anyway, but I'd feel a bit of a tit running round a marathon with it.

    Am now tempted to pick up an older 305 instead of a 910. All the ultras I've been at, they usually seem to be more popular than any of the newer ones. Maybe they're genuinely better for the longer distances...

  • My old 201 does 12 hours and still does. 305 similar if a bit chunky in a Blakes 7 sort of way.

    7h30 with 13% battery left not bad going, and that's using a course so screen changing often.

    Sub 6 hrs is short, not fully charged ?

    For 125 quid, I'd still get a 405cx though.
  • It was fully charged all right - plugged into the wall up till 30 mins before the start of the race and showing 100%. It charges up fine, just doesn't hold the charge for any length of time. And it's deteriorating rapidly. That was back in March; more recently at the Loch Ness marathon it started beeping low battery not long after the halfway point and just barely kept going till the end. I finished just under 4:30 and it had been showing 0% battery for the last couple of miles, but still managed to record the whole thing. I've always taken good care of it and its in good condition, but I have used it a lot. I guess rechargeable batteries only keep working for so long...
  • Garmin do a repair / fix service, I think 59 pound. They just swap for a brand new / refurbed one.

    Friends old 405 went at 7 hours so it does vary, mine was a replacement after being stolen last year so only a year old.
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