Right now I am...

Right now I am...

eating peanut butter straight from the jar image



  • ...pondering on the meaning of "the present" and wondering whether I should give "Time and Free Will" by Henri Bergson another go.  I blame Sarah.  image

  • ...drinking a fruit tea and internet shopping browsing...

  • ...trying to get that tiny last mm of coffee in the bottom of my cup - you know the one - it tries to hide in the tiny crevice between the base and sides of the cup cos I don't really want another full cup but that one doesn't quite seem like enough image


  • "the present" is what goes under the Christmas tree image Although I prefer them in the plural image


  • Eating lunch and wondering how soon I can sneak out of the office........

  • Lying on my death bed with a major case of man flu and feeling very very sorry for myself image

  • sarah the bookworm wrote (see)

    "the present" is what goes under the Christmas tree image Although I prefer them in the plural image


    Aah, the old Star Wars Christmas gag...


     "Luke, I have felt your presents..."

  • I'm about to go off for a river swim image

  • I've just been for a walk in the park with my old dog. It was very muddy indeed and the old mutt kept getting stuck or falling over. Poor old lad

  • . . supposed to be working image

  • Housework, and then thinking of baking a cake
  • Dave - that's not very interesting or informative image

  • ...listening to a very dull conference call image one random snippet:

    "2.52 complete prophet build in production for COB friday, is that a valid task, anyone here from reg?"

    "i guess that must be a unicorn task, are you talking about go live here or DR? for go live we may want to do our Saturday production PnL on Saturday rather than Monday"


  • "basically we'll present to them what the migration approach, what the shape of the runbook will be"

    "front to back, collate all file requirements and ensure all tech teams are aware of requirements"


  • "TSG monitor Rims pen queue, is that all clear? it's probably worth just checking the trade bridge"


    aaaaaaaaaaaaaagh, what am I doing with my life????

  • ...typing this message in to the Runner's World forum.

  • Completing my year end self-assessment telling the management team how great I am, what a valuable member of the team I am and how my dedication and committment has made it a really successful year for the team...to then be told that there isnt enough budget to give me a pay increase that my performance deserves.

  • AgentGinger wrote (see)

    aaaaaaaaaaaaaagh, what am I doing with my life????

    Working for people who talk utter gibberish, apparently.  image

    Me, now - about to make a cuppa.  Honestly, it's all go here on a Friday afternoon.

  • Trying to figure out where all that bad WIP came from.

  • Waiting for UPS to collect a parcel. They should have collected between 3 and 5pm - I got home from work at what I thought was a reasonable 2.30 to find a card saying they had called at 1.45. It said they had called but you were out. I know that! I was at work - that's why I booked a 3-5 slot!! Re-booked for before 5 today and still no show....

  • That'll be why they're also known as the Useless Parcel Service!  My house apparently doesn't exist in their world (don't get me started) although DPD (aka Dependable Parcel Deliveries in our house) don't seem to have any problem whatsoever!  (and no I don't work for the latter though I do like their service way way better) image

  • ... drinking a cup of tea. It had gone a bit cold. 

  • going to do a de-junk of daughters wardrobes..........

  • @Sleepy Bear - 5.30 they collected so not as bad as it might have been (ie no collection). They were cheap though - £48 for a big heavy parcel by air to Australia!

  • Just finished making honey and ginger ice cream. Coffee break, then cook dinner. (Also need to double check the route for tomorrow morning's speed session).

  • On train going to Southern Athletics League AGM.
  • Drinking a pot of tea.  Mine is better than yours Bookieimage

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