Brooks Ghost 3.

Hi Folks I am after some new shoes for longer/easier days. I normally cover around 45-50 miles a week so need something decent (I have came to the end of a stockpile of Nike Pegasus 26 image. Have been recommended Brooks Ghost and have seen Ghost 3 online for £50. Has anyone used them and if so how have found them? I am a mid/forefront striker and around 73kgs and 6ft tall.

Any alternative suggestions would be welcome.




  • I got a pair of Ghost 5s after running in Asics Cumulus for years. Found them stiffer feeling and needing more 'wearing in' and don't like them all that much. I went back to my Cumulus fairly quickly and the Ghosts are sitting there unused! Also they're a very cushioned shoe so maybe not the most suitable for a mid/forefoot striker.

  • Runs-with-dogs - thanks for your reply. Will give them a try and see how they turn out. Am not a fan of the newer Pegs but very hard to find the old 25/26 versions. They were a cracking and uncomplicated shoe.

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