Marshals make the difference.



  • Jane, just email the organisers of your local race, or one you fancy helping at.  I have done a couple now as have been injured of late and its good fun.  A little bittersweet but worth giving something back.  

    The volunteers, marshalls and spectators at both ironmen i did have been so amazing, influential, uplifting, its made HUGE difference on the day.  From the lady who peeled my wetsuit off my hypothermic body to the dude who put a blanket over my shoulders at the finish - i can well up just thinking about how lovely those people were!  I always make a point of writing and thanking, and also saying thanks on the day to those on the road side.  And smiling at them. 



  • I'm only just starting jogging again after surgery. So I decided to marshal at the Stockport 10 this last weekend. Really surprised by how enjoyable it was to do. And by the number of runners who were able to spare the breath to say thanks. I'm hoping I'll be running it next year but I'll definitely marshal again at some point.
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    I've had both sides of the coin. I think that it really does depend on the race and the marshals. I always try to say thank you to the marshals and give them a smile/wave.

  • I really enjoy marshalling/general supporting duties. I take my pom-poms and generally go crazy in the hope that runners can soak up a bit of my energy. I helped at the Leeds Christmas 10k at the weekend and was stationed at the bottom of a short hill. I made so much noise as the runners approached me and shouted a lot of encouragement to all. I got a lot of positive feedback and thanks.

    I always try to say thank you or at least wave to marshals on the way round a race. And if anyone has been particularly supportive I make a point of getting in touch with race organisers afterwards.

  • I remember a 10k last year where some of the marshals (drawn from the local athletics club) actually jogged in with the last few runners over the final stages. Most of them were quite young and the way they did it was really supportive and touching.
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